Tuesday, January 22, 2019

Go beyond where you normally stop... But where? How? Show me the path...


I woke up disgruntled... almost ready to go into devastation (which is my "home page") but it all changed as I sat down and began to write. What was going to be a rant, became a celebration.

I guess I wasn"t stuck with or invested in resisting being someone who rants when I feel beaten, or slighted, or hurt... It seems that I accepted, embraced, and it got out of my face... All unconscious competence, by the way. I didn"t have to sit around and analyze it... it just happened. ...and I could look and see the whole picture... as much as I can see from it.

This is exactly what I teach in the Playground... this is the goal: unconscious competence in getting unstuck, and being able to see the whole reality, with all its beauty and all its ugliness.

The article:

Go beyond where you normally stop... But where? How? Show me the path...

What takes you beyond mediocre, what takes you beyond acceptable, is some energy that can only be activated if you are looking at reality, instead of what most people do: the reflection of it, the mirage of it, the image of it... the unreality created by the mind.

Even a little bit of reality, even a few percentage of your visual field freed up to see reality, can cause dramatic changes in the motive power of the spirit on your behavior.

We are halfway through the Playground, a year long program, and I can start seeing how the participants inner energy that makes them strive higher is becoming more active.

On one hand I could be bummed out at the notion how unambitious humanity as a whole is, how rarely anyone goes for excellence... and how most settle for good enough on a level of good that is not good at all...

How they use only their minds to have any pleasure, the imagination, eating the imaginary food, enjoying the imaginary sex, and reveling in the imaginary success.

And choosing to look at that would be really disempowering, thought of futility brings up thoughts of "why bother?"

And then again, I can really choose to use that reality of unambitious humanity to contrast, and make more obvious that MY STUDENTS are becoming something other than ordinary, through the relatively simple process of distinguishing reality from unreality.

Yeah, I can choose to look that way, and start feeling good and energized by the fact that what we do here actually works.

I am a Virgo, and typically I am only interested, as a Virgo, in what is NOT perfect, and take what works for granted. But that way of looking hasn"t always served me, and won"t serve me now.

Instead I can choose to celebrate what is being accomplished.

And that, I tell you, is miraculous. Not done yet, not fully blown new reality yet, but it is going, it is moving in that direction, and I am in awe.

I am going to take you inside a transformational teacher"s world...

You can also call me a spiritual teacher, but that is a misnomer... someone may think that there is already a path, and I am just a guide taking you on that path.

There is no path already. For hardly anything, but especially not for how to live a life that is worth living.

Here is an example:

I am an architect by training.
In my class there were 96 students. We graduated in 1971.
We all graduated
Out of the 96 three became architects, true architects. I wasn"t one of them, even though my diploma said: architect.

Why? What"s up with the other 93?

They became people who could do garden variety, ordinary, unelegant, so-so architecture. Nothing to write home about. Nothing to be proud of. Ordinary... acceptable but ugly, not fully functional. This is true to other professions.

I don"t have a medical doctor student, but I have accountants. They did schooling...
A real accountant has the beingness of an accountant: the heartbeat of an accountant, both a cause and a monitor of becoming financially successful for their client.

Maybe one or two in a hundred... maybe not even that. The rest are doing accounting, half-heartedly, just because one must make a living.

When I was graduating from high school, 1966, there was only one thing I was passionate about: film making... But there was no film making school...

  • I had an offer from Hungarian television to do host a regular weekly show. I was a singer and guitarist (classical).

  • I was accepted to be trained as a classical guitar student at the Academy of Music, much like Juillard in New York.

  • and I was accepted to be trained to be an architect at Budapest Technical University.

It was clear to me that I didn"t have enough drive in either of those fields. I was fascinated with movies, especially wanting to talk and write about them... the invisible parts. The subtle... the non-obvious.

I liked to write, and I liked to talk.

I chose architecture, and in that I wasn"t ever happy: no amount of work would have made me a real architect: I didn"t have it, the spark. No language is needed to be an architect.

There was absolutely no set path to writing and talking for the next 70 years... and become the best at it.

I had fifteen minutes, maybe an hour worth of knowledge... back in 1966, not quite enough for a lifetime.

I didn"t know that...

I fancied myself amazing, and I was encouraged by my fans... yes, I had fans, for the depth of my thoughts... but my thoughts were only knee-deep... you can"t even swim in that...

It took me another 50 years, adventures, heartaches, loves and breakups, humiliation, another degree and a third "almost degree". Travels. Hurts. Poverty. Successes, hospitalizations, illnesses, homelessness... to go deep enough to have something to swim in and make my life"s work.

There is no path already. In my informed opinion, no one has done enough work, no one has gone far enough, to claim that the path they took will work for everyone...

Some have gone to some length, but could not teach it... Like

  • Gurdieff... went and penetrated a possible path, but his truth value was only 10%... not a path.

  • Werner Erhard: same numbers, same assessment: 10%. Not a path.

  • Kabbalah Centre: same 10%

  • Scientology... ditto

The path already suggested is either unwalkable... or not a path at all.

The path delineated by the Playground program: truth value, path value: 60%.


Because it is simple, and because it gets to the heart of the matter... and because it is based in a real principle of Life: the Anna Karenina Principle, the principle, what the New Testament calls the strait and narrow.
That calls for examining the truth/path value of the Bible... 7%. Why so low?

  • Because giving lip service to the strait and narrow doesn"t take people there...

  • Because condemning what is not on the path of strait and narrow, and the person who is there, is highly ineffective, in fact counterproductive. Causes people to lie, to pretend, to turn their faces to the light so they don"t have to look at their own darkness. Simple, obvious, and yet invisible.

I am working on formulating the Playground as a self-study course. Muscle test says it is impossible, but worth doing it. We shall see... so far I have gotten immense value on catching the uncatchable ball...

What is impossible with a self study program is to cause transformation, a new view of the world and a new view of the self, through passive learning.

It is like teaching to play championship basketball to people who have never played basketball, through talking or even videos...

So practicing on the court of life is mandatory.

I have taught the principles of the Playground many times. The first Playground, back in 1988 was an amazing success. Then came the unsuccessful ones... until this current one, where I introduced the partner system.

What made the first Playground successful, was the weekly discussion, we met in someone"s living room, the weekly sharing, the weekly confrontation of reality vs unreality.

Of course the course was local back in 1988... and it is anything but local today... It"s taken me this long (30 years) to see a way to reproduce the environment of growth... the partner method. The method of synergy, the method of "your insight can become my insight".

Interestingly, it seems that the harder someone"s soul correction is, the more energy they get from doing this work... Maybe because their inner incoherence, their inner inauthenticity creates enough tension to fuel the "fight for freedom".

And the newest wrinkle, the newest tool is the 20-day skill learning challenge... also part of the Playground now.

Why? The 20 day skill learning challenge is another reality-based "knock you awake" process, that helps you get out of your self-induced coma, sleepwalking, delusional state into reality, reality that can become glorious and... drumroll... real. True.

Without this new element most people are still in the "talking a good talk, walking a puny path" stage, or thereabout.

The most important elements of the Playground

  1. distinguish

  2. confront

  3. embrace

  4. allow consciousness (your higher self? the spirit? no idea yet...) to guide you.

Will everyone go through all the phases? I have no idea... But however far you get on the path, your life will become that much more enjoyable, and you"ll become that much more effective at it, especially with other people.

Because, as Freud said in Civilization and its Discontents: what causes the most pain and unhappiness is "other people"... so even just increasing your effectiveness there by 10-20% can result in a doubling, tripling of your happiness...

My ambition is to cause 100%.

Of course, we have already lost the two "Sexual Energy" people from the course... they got personally offended when we revealed their "Silver Bullet" of wanting to take and take and take...

The interesting thing was the reaction, by the way. Humans are takers, inherently. Even the do-gooders are takers. They give begrudgingly, with a hidden agenda, not generously.

Being called a taker doesn"t automatically create a reaction like that...

It is not what happens to you, it is not the name you are called that makes you miserable, it is what YOU say about it.

Obviously, the Sexual Energy people said something that made them never want to talk to me again. I am sad about it, because they are cutting their nose in spite of their face... and to the Forget Thyself person, me, this doesn"t make sense.

So we are at 80% now (10 people started in the current Playground).

Two people are showing signs of wanting to disappear right now. If they do, that will bring it down to 60%.

Will I do anything to "rescue" those people? Not a thing. Rescuing people is a bad habit, they are the ones who will bite the hand that feeds them. My "it will fall down by itself" joke spells out the rule of conduct here.

And the 60% will go all the way... Embrace is the hardest step... and not everyone has gotten there yet.

The transformation process is best illustrated, or likened to, the worm and the butterfly.

In the famous story where the emperor wants to help the worm in the cocoon by cutting the cocoon open (so that the emperor can go to bed, by the way!!!) resulted in no butterfly, but a really fat thing that could not fly.

No struggle, no pain, no effort will result in no transformation. No flying. No butterfly.

The biggest challenge in the partners program is to refrain from teaching and telling, and helping the other person... That is much like trying to cut their cocoon open... wanting to be done with it: "why can"t they be like you, magnificent, smart, diligent... " whatever you say about yourself... and be where YOU are... Desire to receive for the self alone... damn the other person and their process... You see the challenge, don"t you?

The most loving behavior (did I say loving?) is to let them struggle, and be where they are. Let them go through what they have to go through, without your help.

The more superior one partner feels, the less they will allow the other to struggle, and the more justified they will feel to think that they are doing the work, while the other isn"t.

As you can see, this program is not a walk in the park. No one can do your work for you without robbing you from YOUR results.

Brilliant... life is like this.

If you look at how parenting is in the world: you can see that the more parents do for their children the less the next generation will be able to do their work for themselves, the less the next generation will be able to fly.

It takes tremendous effort, tremendous self-discipline to allow your child to fall, hurt themselves, pick themselves up, and develop into a person.

It is harder, and requires more love from the parent, than doing for the child, giving to the child, protecting the child from life.

And, not surprisingly, the same effort, self-discipline, and real love is required in the partners program... and "mothers" find it especially difficult. How you do anything is how you do everything... you want to rob your partner of their transformation and growth the exact same way as you do with your child.

I am there, of course, to provide correction... I listen and comment on every partner call, even though it is time consuming to listening to every call.

But without correction you will stray from the strait and narrow, guaranteed.

So as I am formulating the "packaged" version of the Playground, as my next project, I am really clear that without partner calls, feedback on the partner calls, the continuous nudges back to the path of the strait and narrow, the work won"t get done...

And yet, I am sure, many more people will want to buy the packaged course than are willing to partake in partner calls, and especially the live course. ((Many people listen to my podcasts, 99% of them never come to a live call, for example))

Remember the article where I talk about the difference between information and transformation?

Not everyone wants transformation... and I have to be willing to provide people with what they want. Information you want? You got it... here you go. Much cheaper than transformation.

In one of my programs, the Effortless Abundance, you can get the information for seven dollars. You can add to it the process, for another $35. And you can go all the way to transformation by buying and doing a meditation for another $25.

Hundreds bought the information. Very few have gone all the way...

And that is how humanity is: wants to know, doesn"t want to do.

Fine by me.

PS: I have been contemplating to only accept new people in the new Playground courses who will likely stay. But as you can see, there is tremendous value in seeing why and how people quit, how people stop in their track, and how to handle loss, how to have the self-discipline to refrain from rescuing them, both from me and their partner.

So I am ready for another Playground, one participant has already registered, and we need, ideally three more to form a small group.

Three good men... or bad men... Are you one of them?

Monday, January 21, 2019

Expectations, Self-Image, and your future results: should you expect the best?

illusion, beautiful illusionI have a friend who is around 4 years older than me, he is in his 70"s. We have been talking once a week for about seven years.

He would like to retire, but his business is in decline, and there is nothing to sell: he is a glorified self-employed person.

Since I have known him, he bought about 15 money making programs, only to drop them after a weak attempt, after losing money with it, or even without trying.

predictableLast week, to keep myself challenged and sharp, I signed up to a program by my favorite teacher, Robert Plank. The program is to teach you to build an easy, self-sustained business using Amazon.com, buying low and selling high.

It is not that I needed instruction per se, I needed to be challenged. I already have an Amazon business, so I could almost teach the course... But there was something I really liked about the setup: Lance, Robert"s partner, has a 7 years old daughter. She asked her dad to teach her to create a business of her own... Wow, that is not your usual relationship with your kids, is it? So he created a "modality", a system of business, that is fun, and easy enough for a 7-year old.

I decided, that if a 7-year old can do it with guidance, then my friend will certainly be able to do it... lol.

Now, we had an hour long conversation, I shared with him some of the things he needs to know, and then gave him "homework" to do. Then he said: "I expect this to succeed" or something similar to this.

CatLionMirrorI flew off the handle. I said: "Don"t bring positive thinking bs into this conversation! If you ask me what I expect, I look at your past performance, and I see failure after failure. So I expect this to be a failure in spite of your good intentions, in spite of my help, in spite of the good information."

This article is about this aspect of the delusional attitude positive thinking teaches you to have.

They say: expect good things to happen to you... Ugh.

Trend is a largely graphical method of showing where things are going.

It is based solely on your past performance, and your attitude. Your attitude is very predictable, it can be called constant, it is so predictable.

You are unaware of your attitude. You are unaware of the powerful force it is to fail you.

Positive expectations is an attitude. You pretend that you are starting with a clean slate, you pretend that you are not who you are but someone way way better: who you "should" be, not who you are, not who you have been,not  who you will predictably be for the rest of your life.

Moronic. A sure sign of low vibration.

Here is what came in my email today: isn"t it eery that the writer of this email is addressing the same issue?

Brands are Built on Core Beliefs

I look in the mirror and see the person I believe myself to be. You look at me and see the person you believe me to be. We don"t see the same person.

Businesses, too, see themselves differently than their customers do.

A flatterer disguised as a branding consultant will help you create an idealized self-portrait and tell you it"s your brand. I say "idealized" because we businesspeople judge ourselves by our intentions. Customers judge us by our actions.

Peace of mind comes from liking the person you see in the mirror.

But brand attraction happens when the customer looks at your company and sees a reflection of themselves.

ImageMirror3We are attracted to brands that stand for something we believe in. Likewise, we are attracted to television shows, movies, books, websites, podcasts, newscasts and songs that confirm what we believe. This is known in psychology as "confirmation bias."

Let me say this plainly: If you challenge a person"s core beliefs, they will avoid you. Agree with those beliefs and they will like you. This is the essence of brand building.

But not everyone believes the same things. This is why a brand-builder must choose who to lose. There is no message, no belief system, that appeals to everyone.

The Democratic party and the Republican party dominate American politics even though just fifty-eight percent of Americans align themselves with either of these two brands.

In a survey of self-identified "Liberal Democrats" and self-identified "Conservative Republicans," Experian Simmons identified the Top 15 favorite television shows of each group.

Not a single show was on both lists.

Not one.

Liberals prefer shows of moral ambiguity like Mad Men, Dexter, 90210 and Breaking Bad, where the good people aren"t entirely good and the bad people aren"t entirely bad.

"I don’t mean to make light of it, but Democrats seem to like shows about damaged people,” said John Fetto, senior marketing manager at Experian Simmons. “Those are the kind of shows Republicans just stay away from.”

Conservatives prefer shows where hard work and talent are clearly rewarded. Reality shows and contests like American Idol, Dancing with the Stars, Survivor and The Bachelor scored high with this group.

waterhouse_echonarcissusInteresting information, right? But not really surprising when you think about it. Narcissus saw his reflection in a pool of water and fell in love with the person he saw.

Confirmation bias strikes again.

How can you use this information to make money?

1. Quit trying to change your customer"s mind.
2. Tell them they"re right.
3. Confirm their suspicions.
4. Demonize their enemies.
5. Let them see themselves when they look at you.

Do these things and you"ll make more money (or friend?). Usually, a lot more money.

But a strange thing happens when you "go along to get along," when you agree with people you don"t respect, when you fail to speak out against injustice, when you allow etiquette and expediency to quietly replace compassion and courage:

You look in the mirror and you no longer like who you see.

How do we remain open to seeing things from a new perspective without losing clarity of self in the process?

If I ever figure it out, I"ll let you know.

Roy H. Williams

Now, returning to my friend who said: "We"ll expect this to be successful." Is he a bad person? No, he isn"t... he just doesn"t exist as a person. There is a person he thinks he is, he hopes he is, he pushes in front of him as HE, he who doesn"t exist. But there is a real self inside that he doesn"t know about, that accepts him, accepts his behavior, his delusions, his cowardice, his settling for less, without judgment. This is the Creator/Witness/Observer aspect we all have.

When you manage to remove the barriers between these two selves, a whole new life becomes possible for you. You will stop pretending to get love, attention, appreciation that you didn"t earn. You will stop trying to be someone you aren"t. You will start working with what you have, and earning what you earn. You will not need others loving you, because you already have as much love as you need: your Creator aspect already loves you.

You"ll experience freedom, creativity, powers, and self-expression. Because little by little you"ll have a self that you can like, that you can love. When you"ll look in the mirror, you"ll like the person who is there... and you"ll love your life.

When you like yourself, you love your life. That is the bottom line.

The Unconditional Love Activator, especially infused in your drinking water, can take you there faster than anything I know.

It only takes a few minutes to infuse your water... and it works quite fast.

The difference between information (knowing) and transformation

As you know, I have been learning the difference between information and transformation the hard way...

Even though I have "known" this difference already ten years ago (I have a video of myself to prove it,) even the knowledge of that isn"t transformation.

Transformation is when your actions are consistent with the new knowledge, consistently.

My basic training is architecture, and my five year training, plus the two years to do all the calculations (a second graduate degree), it was all about doing, very little about knowing.

I had classmates who knew all the formulas, but couldn"t solve the problems. I could solve all the problems, if someone gave me the formulas, which I consistently and stubbornly refused to memorize.

So when I got into the "real" world after I quit architecture back in 1988, I was in for a nasty surprise: no one was teaching much of anything hands-on... and I absolutely cannot learn anything without it.

But there is a difference between teaching it that way, and expecting YOU to put in the hand-on part, even though they are explaining, and telling you how, and talking about how...

I, somehow, have a brain that doesn"t have a bridge between the about and the how. Between the words and the doing. A Maginot line, much like the wall that is causing all the hubbub and the government shutdown.

My Maginot Line is very very effective.

It even comes with a definite reluctance to feel stupid... again.

Oh, you didn"t know. The pathway from information to transformation is "paved" with an utter sense of worthlessness, a threat of loss, an utter sense of stupidity... until you get to the other side of it. Oh, and fear.

No line of sight, no hope, no hints that you are on the right path...

Transformation, alas, is much like pregnancy: you are either pregnant or you are not. No one can be a little bit pregnant.

So I am learning from both side of the "fence": I am learning to cause transformation, and I am learning to cross the Valley of the Shadow of Death... the no man"s land that separates theory from doing.

But "god" loves me, and doing this simultaneously, I am given glimpses of myself and what is missing.

Because something is still missing, if transformation didn"t happen... It is the theory of strait and narrow... again, you cannot get through the narrow opening unless you shed, yet another layer of obtuseness, or misconception, or selfishness, or evil inclination. ((Remember, the evil inclinations are six ways to have, six ways to have desire to receive for the self alone:

  • 1. wanting to look good/avoiding to look bad/causing another to look bad

  • 2. being right/avoid being wrong/make another wrong

  • 3. winning/avoid losing/cause another to lose

  • 4. dominate/avoid domination

  • 5. justify self/invalidate another

  • 6. avoid being responsible))

In my Playground Program I attempt to train you till you can get your transformation. ((Why Playground? all of life is the playground for children. the playground is where you can learn how to live effectively, what it feels like to be bullied, to fall, to make mistakes. Invaluable, and most of us never really spent enough time on the playground of life, and never really learned, viscerally, what life is like.

We learned from our verbose and inane parents who themselves didn"t know, or simply pouted rules they were given... so none of us really had any competent mentors, caring mentors, mentors who really knew what they were talking about. Harry Potter had many mentors... with "mentors" like our parents, teachers, gurus, he would have been dead by the age of 14~15, for sure.

Staying with the Harry Potter analogy: the school was a transformational vehicle where the little kids with potential learned to DO the work, not know about, talk about the work... or they would have never become wizards and witches.

Oh, if you have never read those six or seven, can"t remember how many Harry Potter books, instead you watched the movies, or shun the idea altogether, you are probably a delusional pompous fool, and most likely there is nothing I can do to penetrate your defenses, so you become a human being worth your salt.

Your personal Maginot Line is as wide as the Sahara, and there is nothing I can do to bridge it.

Can you quickly read those books? Of course... but the fact that you haven"t is still a strong indication that you aren"t interested in becoming a human being, a value recognizer, a person who desires to receive for the sake of sharing... You are, most likely, stuck in desire to receive for the self alone. Damn the consequences...))

So, in my work, I am doing things that are consistent with this insight that information makes no difference:
unless you achieve transformation you have learned nothing.

And try to remember the principle: yesterday"s transformation is today"s arrogance. Or as baseball great, Babe Ruth said it, poignantly: yesterday"s home runs don"t win the game today.

How I have been doing from the beginning is this: I teach in workshop style: interacting with each participant.

But I have learned the hard way: unless you do it yourself, our interactions won"t take you to transformation. Maybe the other participants listening in... but alas, people hardly ever listen: everyone is busy in their mind doing what they think about... not listening to someone"s struggle working it out for themselves. Over the decades I got about 90% of what I get from other people"s struggles, and only 10% from any other source.

Why don"t my participants listen? Because of their desire to receive for the self alone. Listening would mean a certain level of humility and maybe (just maybe) a certain level of caring about another participant: seeing themselves in their person.

Of course this is so rare, I can point out the two people who occasionally listen... but later on it almost always turned out that they listened to other people struggling so they can feel superior to them. Or to steal their efforts. Nothing as noble as caring... :-(

So I have added another "wrinkle" to my programs: now I pair people up, and make them practice getting to doing, getting to transformation together.

They talk weekly, and record the call, so I can track what is going on in those conversation, and I give feedback.

Sometimes I get really lucky and can see deeper into the dynamic than other times.

Yesterday I listened in to a conversation between two really "pristine" desire to receive for the self alone soul correction participants.

Silent Partner, and Finish what you start.

And to boot, I had a long conversation with a "Removing Hatred" soul correction person earlier in the day.

I had my pink color glasses, almost surgically removed: none of those people understand the role of circuitry, the role of flow, the role of giving... giving occurs to them as the opposite of what they want: get and take and take and take.

In every area of their lives...

  • Giving to Life? No

  • Giving to, investing energy in what you want? No

  • Giving your energy so you can produce something? No

Desire to receive for the self alone is a mindset rooted in scarcity. Fixed mindset.

  • In scarcity what separates two sides of any interaction is the word "or".

  • In abundance, desire to receive for the sake of sharing, those exact two sides are connected with the word "and".

  • For the scarcity person, things are right OR wrong, true OR false

  • They are either giving or receiving: one is good, the other is bad

  • They can"t/won"t share, because sharing is an abundance activity

  • They even have an "or" between their two selves: they are willing to kill one for the other... starve one for the other... neglect one self for the other self"s desire to receive for only itself.

There is no resolution... no common ground, one must lose for the other to win. And their life is a cruel roller coaster: one must be up for the other to be down, and vice versa.

For an abundance person, who has an "and" between their two selves, instead of a roller coaster, it is a gentle dance: one self leads one moment, the other self next... no jerking, no pushing, no forcing, no dominating, no shoulds and no shouldn"ts.

The two selves are a team and they feel like a team, act like a team. Grace and ease. Harmony. Affinity. Peace.

A person dominated by their "desire to receive for the self alone" lower self, there is no value, not in others, not in life. The only value they see is what they can take, a value for themselves: immediate and pleasurable.

I"ll be harsh for a moment here, just hear what I am saying. Cringe but hear it.

  • A person dominated by their "desire to receive for the self alone" is like a serial killer: they have to take a life to fulfill the craving, the hunger for the experience.

  • The time between two incidents is getting shorter and shorter.

  • They cannot allow seeing another human as a person, because they don"t want to deal with guilt, they don"t want it to limit their taking.

  • But if you cannot see a person as a person, then you cannot see value. You cannot allow any intrinsic value to inspire you: you need to shut yourself up to them. This is even true if you are a motivational speaker, or a spiritual teacher of sorts: your words don"t touch your soul... you are all about what you want for yourself.

This is the reason for the low vibrational readings of gurus and teachers: they are mouthpieces: what they say doesn"t come from who they are. You are attracted to them because they are just like you, just pretend to be better and better at pretending than you.

The authors of the bible had to give human characteristics to god, the creator, or whatever you want to call that main character of "the book", so the people can related to "him" because he is just like them: speaking of two sides of the mouth: asking others to be "good," while they are being "bad".

Now, after all this doom and gloom, if I am about causing transformation, what can I tell you that could make a difference for you?

The three pictures to the rescue:

Picture 1: it is either you or me. Better me... or you"ll dominate me, win over me, make me look bad, make me wrong.
Picture 2: I"ll battle it out with you, but I"ll put you out of balance first, so I can still win more often than not
Picture 3: It is you and me... I embrace you and take you with me, wherever I go, and we both win. We both look good, We are both right, and none dominates the other. ((I take my fear with me... I take my "I don"t want to" with me... I take my tiredness with me... my pain too. We go everywhere together.))

  • Most people live the life of picture 1. Living in the Valley of the Shadow of Death

  • Some of my students live the life of picture 2: it is still mostly horrible, but they are onto something... but have not cross the Rubicon, or the way I called it before, the Maginot Line of defense.

In one of my articles I say that you need to integrate your life around your lowest self, the one that is all about desire to receive for the self alone.

Everyone wants to integrate around their highest... but it is entirely impossible.

So what is integration?

Integration is simply putting and "and" between the parts. Wherever it would naturally feel right to put a "or", you just put the "and". Integration means: creating one from parts... a unit.

Let"s use lazy as an example: I am lazy. I don"t want to do anything. I just want to have a good time, watch youtube videos all day. Damn homework, damn my promises...

You can hear the thinly veiled "or". good time or homework. good time of doing anything. good time or keeping your promises...

Clear? Don"t continue reading until it is! look how it plays out in YOUR life...

You can, maybe, hear the defiant tone of voice, even though it is in writing. It is resistant, it is belligerent... very young. You can"t make me... this is not to other people, this is addressed to the other self, the one that wants to do the homework, do something, keep the promises.

Clear? Don"t continue reading until it is! look how it plays out in YOUR life...

OK... crucial point: put an "and" between the two selves: I am lazy and I want to do my homework. I just want good time, and I also care about becoming worth a damn. I just want to watch youtube videos, and I also want to spend my time usefully.

You just entered the phase of a dance: the two selves move in sync... together, coupled... and alternately they do homework and laze about... easy peasy.

The quantity of which is immaterial, the crucial transformation is in the "and" and the "together."

  • I am afraid and I can summon courage.

  • I am tired and I can do one more thing

  • I want to win and I can help you win too

  • I want it all, and I can share... no big deal.

The two triangles (I call them soul and ego there) rolling down the hill, together, getting life done... lived to the fullest.

I will either find the video where I teach this, or will do a webinar on it... soon.

PS: Not all my students are on the verge of transformation... But for the sake of one, whose main "desire to receive for the self alone" expresses itself in being judgmental... I have been observing myself. True to form, the two triangles, I often judge first and assess second. Judgment is saying: right/wrong, good/bad... where I am always right or good... and what I am judging is good or bad... but I am the judge.

Assessment is like looking at what is real... what is NOT an opinion, what doesn"t put me into the judge"s seat, but at most into the assessor"s seat, the one who measures. So assessment looks at the other, the event, the thing on a scale... and no numbers are good or bad necessarily: four is not always better than five...

When you can make your two selves do the dance, the two triangles, then you can become a happy person. Yay.

PPS: It is Days of Power today. Of course I don"t want to do it. I just want to chill... damn the cavalry... lol. I don"t want to do it and I will... I cannot see how it is better than chilling... I will see it when I am done... The sky will be open only till midnight tonight... so get it while the sky is open.

If and until you are purely desire to receive for the self alone, you have a vessel to receive energy, light, benevolence that is limited by the size of the cup... finite.

Once you embrace and integrate your being, your vessel becomes a channel, a pipe, that continuously draws lights from where the light comes from. You never really run out of light... listlessness is a sign that you have... and that desire to receive for the self alone is dominating your being.

I hardly ever need to go, for myself, to the Days of Power energy. And then again, from time to time I get stuck in desire to receive for the self alone... I call it self-concern, health, money, or significance. Luckily it is very occasional, and because I know this, I can turn it around in minutes.

It"s all in a day"s work...

Sunday, January 20, 2019

Do you spend time with yourself? Or are you trying to be busy all the time? What does that say about you?

Your soul, your spirit, knows right from wrong

If it only had an opportunity to talk to you, to be heard, you"d probably consider stopping doing the wrongs that you do, if only to have peace inside, to have less tension, to have more joy.

The two selves we all have are twins separated at birth... one grows according to DNA, the other according to outside influences... nature vs. nurture.

The further "nurture" makes the one twin (self) go, the worse the relationship becomes, the more, whenever they get to see each other, the one hates the other. Which one is doing the hating, you ask?

 Quite counter intuitive, but it"s the bad self that hates the good self.

Why? There is no hate in the DNA... there may be anger, but hate is an "over time" phenomenon... not just a flare-up. You sustain it.

You hate the good one because to you it feels that it is trying to keep you from all the fun you are having judging, mooching, lazing, pontificating, pointing fingers, killing life and others" aliveness.

You want to be right... you want to look good, you want to win, you want to dominate, you want to justify, and you don"t want to own it at all... they/it made you do it.

The further the two selves grow, the less desire to talk to each other... the louder the mind gets, the more you crave outside distraction: TV in the background, busy job, music, texting, youtube, playing games. Anything to avoid facing the good one and see the pain and innocence in its eyes.

Integrity is being true to yourself... to the DNA twin... the good one. The one you don"t even want to look at... because you don"t want to feel bad about yourself. And you don"t. You suffer either way... by the way.

The only "escape" from feeling bad about yourself is to increase your integrity, and start to be true to yourself... but that means starting on the path of strait and narrow... letting go of the little pleasures of dominating, pontificating, lazing off, pushing others" buttons, justifying your shittiness, and wanting to win every argument.

I know one person whose integrity number is 10%. She does good work... so why is the integrity number so low?

She talks.


She talks a lot. She will explain to you all the things that are right, and she will sound like an angel... But all that talk is a smoke screen: what the one self does has not connection to what she says: she talks a good talk...

What does ultimately give it away?

Really good question. She has this little laugh that she peppers her talking with. that little laugh gives it away.

Even if I could not muscle test integrity, that would show me the inner tension between the selves.

You know who else has that little laugh? My archenemy, Christie Marie Sheldon.

Not everybody has this little laugh... I have an embarrassed laugh... that is an integrity issue indicator, too.

Sometimes it is the tone of voice gives it away... you can hear the inauthenticity in that.

Inauthenticity? What is that?

Another word for the distance between the two selves is called inauthenticity: postulating/intimating one thing, being/doing another...

When you have this huge distance between the selves, you are afraid of being alone. You want to fall asleep fast. You dread a moment when your mind isn"t filled with stuff... you fall asleep at the drop of the hat... or ponder and fret over little things, big things... never allowing the two selves to meet.

You may self-medicate... you may go to the doctor to escape yourself... and you do a botched job at everything, because even paying attention, full attention to what you are supposed to do, is fraught with the danger of the two selves, accidentally, meeting.

Your TLB is 1, you are cowardly... craving companionship, shunning your own company...

Back in 1991 I signed up to a week long communication course in Georgia. They took a video of me answering basic questions about myself, my name, where I lived and with whom.

They showed our videos on day two of the course. I was appalled. I was terrified, defiant, ready to kill on that video. So that is how I am... From there it was a little bit of going deeper, and after hitting bottom, a long long way to go up and up and up... all the way of today.

My vibration was 100 then. It"s above 900 now. The "trick" was to hit bottom.

I could have run after seeing myself on that video... and someone in my group did just that... ended up in the psych ward of some hospital.

I didn"t run. I didn"t hide. It was horrible, but I didn"t die, I didn"t hide, I didn"t get busy. I stared... Hey, that is what it takes... Stay present to the ugly... stare at it... allow it to work on you... Really.

Here is a really good article for you to hear another way what I am saying... the article deals largely with the visible, the part of the iceberg that is above the water line, while I teach the "under the water line" dynamics, where you have some power...

But regardless, even though it gives you no access to effective action, it is good to know what is above the water line... so please read and enjoy.

Before You Can Be With Others, First Learn to Be Alone

In 1840, Edgar Allan Poe described the "mad energy" of an ageing man who roved the streets of London from dusk till dawn. His excruciating despair could be temporarily relieved only by immersing himself in a tumultuous throng of city-dwellers. "He refuses to be alone," Poe wrote. He "is the type and the genius of deep crime … He is the man of the crowd."

Like many poets and philosophers through the ages, Poe stressed the significance of solitude. It was "such a great misfortune", he thought, to lose the capacity to be alone with oneself, to get caught up in the crowd, to surrender one"s singularity to mind-numbing conformity. Two decades later, the idea of solitude captured Ralph Waldo Emerson"s imagination in a slightly different way: quoting Pythagoras, he wrote: "In the morning, – solitude; … that nature may speak to the imagination, as she does never in company." Emerson encouraged the wisest teachers to press upon their pupils the importance of "periods and habits of solitude", habits that made "serious and abstracted thought" possible.

In the 20th century, the idea of solitude formed the center of Hannah Arendt"s thought. A German-Jewish émigré who fled Nazism and found refuge in the United States, Arendt spent much of her life studying the relationship between the individual and the polis. For her, freedom was tethered to both the private sphere – the vita contemplativa – and the public, political sphere – the vita activa. She understood that freedom entailed more than the human capacity to act spontaneously and creatively in public. It also entailed the capacity to think and to judge in private, where solitude empowers the individual to contemplate her actions and develop her conscience, to escape the cacophony of the crowd – to finally hear herself think.

In 1961, The New Yorker commissioned Arendt to cover the trial of Adolf Eichmann, a Nazi SS officer who helped to orchestrate the Holocaust. How could anyone, she wanted to know, perpetrate such evil? Surely only a wicked sociopath could participate in the Shoah. But Arendt was surprised by Eichmann"s lack of imagination, his consummate conventionality. She argued that while Eichmann"s actions were evil, Eichmann himself – the person – "was quite ordinary, commonplace, and neither demonic nor monstrous. There was no sign in him of firm ideological convictions." She attributed his immorality – his capacity, even his eagerness, to commit crimes – to his "thoughtlessness". It was his inability to stop and think that permitted Eichmann to participate in mass murder.

Just as Poe suspected that something sinister lurked deep within the man of the crowd, Arendt recognized that: "A person who does not know that silent intercourse (in which we examine what we say and what we do) will not mind contradicting himself, and this means he will never be either able or willing to account for what he says or does; nor will he mind committing any crime, since he can count on its being forgotten the next moment." Eichmann had shunned Socratic self-reflection. He had failed to return home to himself, to a state of solitude. He had discarded the vita contemplativa, and thus he had failed to embark upon the essential question-and-answering process that would have allowed him to examine the meaning of things, to distinguish between fact and fiction, truth and falsehood, good and evil.

"It is better to suffer wrong than to do wrong," Arendt wrote, "because you can remain the friend of the sufferer; who would want to be the friend of and have to live together with a murderer? Not even another murderer." It is not that unthinking men are monsters, that the sad sleepwalkers of the world would sooner commit murder than face themselves in solitude. What Eichmann showed Arendt was that society could function freely and democratically only if it were made up of individuals engaged in the thinking activity – an activity that required solitude. Arendt believed that "living together with others begins with living together with oneself".

But what if, we might ask, we become lonely in our solitude? Isn"t there some danger that we will become isolated individuals, cut off from the pleasures of friendship? Philosophers have long made a careful, and important, distinction between solitude and loneliness. In The Republic (c380 BCE), Plato proffered a parable in which Socrates celebrates the solitary philosopher. In the allegory of the cave, the philosopher escapes from the darkness of an underground den – and from the company of other humans – into the sunlight of contemplative thought. Alone but not lonely, the philosopher becomes attuned to her inner self and the world. In solitude, the soundless dialogue "which the soul holds with herself" finally becomes audible.

Echoing Plato, Arendt observed: "Thinking, existentially speaking, is a solitary but not a lonely business; solitude is that human situation in which I keep myself company. Loneliness comes about … when I am one and without company" but desire it and cannot find it. In solitude, Arendt never longed for companionship or craved camaraderie because she was never truly alone. Her inner self was a friend with whom she could carry on a conversation, that silent voice who posed the vital Socratic question: "What do you mean when you say …?" The self, Arendt declared, "is the only one from whom you can never get away – except by ceasing to think."

Arendt"s warning is well worth remembering in our own time. In our hyper-connected world, a world in which we can communicate constantly and instantly over the internet, we rarely remember to carve out spaces for solitary contemplation. We check our email hundreds of times per day; we shoot off thousands of text messages per month; we obsessively thumb through Twitter, Facebook and Instagram, aching to connect at all hours with close and casual acquaintances alike. We search for friends of friends, ex-lovers, people we barely know, people we have no business knowing. We crave constant companionship.

But, Arendt reminds us, if we lose our capacity for solitude, our ability to be alone with ourselves, then we lose our very ability to think. We risk getting caught up in the crowd. We risk being "swept away", as she put it, "by what everybody else does and believes in" – no longer able, in the cage of thoughtless conformity, to distinguish "right from wrong, beautiful from ugly". Solitude is not only a state of mind essential to the development of an individual"s consciousness – and conscience – but also a practice that prepares one for participation in social and political life. Before we can keep company with others, we must learn to keep company with ourselves.

How present are you? the common notion and the reality of being present

There is a video at the end of this post to test how present you are...

When I tell people to be present, or to get out of their mind, they understand it this way:

Be present to everything around you. The beauty, the ugliness, the sun, the wind, people.

Or alternatively, while doing guided meditation, pay attention to what the guide, the leader of the meditation tells you to pay attention to, your breathing, relaxing, whatever.

This type of notion seems to make it wrong when you are paying attention to what you are doing, thinking (as in problem solving), etc. Because you are present to one thing and one thing only.

Here is the scoop: attention, being present are transitive, directional actions, as in paying attention to something, or being present to something.

There is a physical law: there can only be one object at any one place at any one time. You can only be present to one thing at a time.

When you disperse that attention, when you disperse that presence, your attention moves and scans the area really fast, and gives the illusion of attention being 360 degrees. It is an illusion. And if you have ever tried it, it is as hard work as working in the coal mines, you can sustain that type of attention for mere seconds, not even minutes.

Nature, Life is not wasteful and attention/presence are very much in short supply.

There is hardly anything that requires no attention, unless your machine-like self can take over the conscious self and do a good job.

We have all arrived home and we didn"t remember any of it... we have all crawled to bed at one time or another without having to pay attention.

How and what am I present to? Paying attention to?

I spend 80-90% of my time oblivious to my environment, and luckily, oblivious to my body. My attention is on my work, my observation, my testing, my writing, my reading.

  • Am I present to my breathing? no, I am not.

  • Am I present to my feeling? not unless it demands my attention.

I am present to what I want to be present to.

Do I obsess about stuff in my mind? No, hardly ever. (())

I pick my games, the games that require me to be present, or I"ll play poorly.

I hated being an architect, because most of what an architect does can be done unconsciously...
I never enjoyed driving, because most of driving can be done unconsciously. I used to drive a lot, really fast, so my attention would not be wasted.

I get really bored with most conversations, with dinner out, with parties, because they require, for the most part, no presence of mind... You can try to be present, but present to what? Something that makes absolutely no difference... or at least, in MY world.

I choose what to be present to, what to give my conscious effort.

What is missing for most, is choosing what to be present to.

When your attention wanders, when you cannot put it where you need it, then the tail wags the dog.

Can you learn to take control of your attention?

One of the things that makes it easier is clearing all the past that is vying for your attention, because it is incomplete.

Incomplete means that there is stuff that demands your attention.

Being able to complete is an art and a science. When you are complete you have control over your attention.

Completion or clearing

Being complete or clear is like integrity: it is never quite done... you always need to complete, just like you always need to restore integrity. It just how life works.

Here are a few questions that can help you complete and clear, so you can give your attention and trust that you"ll be able to keep it on what you want to do.

Completion practice... as in doing it regularly! What is present?

Take yourself through the questions below...

  • What is your attitude?

  • What are you feeling? Where? How would you describe it instead of labeling it?

  • What is underneath that? unfulfilled expectations, undelivered communication, thwarted intention

  • are you being cause or effect? Right now...

  • Touch your face... your nose, your forehead, your chin, your lips... what facial expression do they show?

  • What are your feelings about what"s going on? About the direction it"s going? About the future?

  • What is in the way of giving your full attention to what is in front of you?
    What fears, trepidations, concerns are in the way?

A long time ago I had an employee who was about to get married. She was a graphic artist, and the quality of her work suffered for her split attention.

I set up a game with her: when thoughts of the wedding came up, she needed to stop, completely, what she was doing, until the thoughts about the wedding were complete, and allowed her to leave the thought. Then work, fully, 100%... and then stop again, if the thought about the wedding came up again.

She worked about one hour total a day, for months, but that one hour was good work, while when she was trying to do both work and thinking, her work was 100% useless, as in I could not use it at all.

You need to take back control of your attention, and that means a lot of saying no to distractions. Most distractions have no value, no contribution to your life, they are just there because someone wants to sell something... an idea, a product, etc.

Attention is quite physical, you can feel where it"s at... at least you could, if you woke up...

If you live your life asleep, in a dreamlike unconscious state, first you need to wake up.

And here is the 59 second video to test your attention, to test your awakeness:


Bloodless, tearless transformation: is it possible?

A big winter storm is moving across America (I hear Europe isn"t doing better) and people are holding their breaths... Waiting for Godot ((A French nihilist play where people are talking waiting for some imaginary character, called Godot, someone who never comes, and yet you can spend your life waiting for him... Recognize yourself?

One of my favorite short movies is called Godzilla and Bambi... Bambi is grazing, Godzilla stomps him... the end.


)) or waiting for death... hoping...

The-powers-that-be teach you to keep your face to the light and avoid the darkness surrounding it. It eventually evolved to a slogan: Think Positive.

Result: a sissy humanity that is drowning in misery.

There are two kinds of lights: one light is like the Sun, life-giving and one light is like a fluorescent light or a candle... lets you see around you, but that"s it. It won"t give you satisfaction, it won"t give you anything... it"s small.

We are told to follow the small still voice within, but no one can check what we hear, no one can check if we are listening to the "right voice" out of the many voices within, and people I watch follow the voice within that tells them to withdraw, to shrink, to shrink away from what is hard, ugly, painful, or fearful.

One of the disciplines I immersed myself on my path to here is Kabbalah, the Kabbalah Centre version of it. Kabbalah is quite open to interpretation.

One of the most important things I learned in my five years immersion is that the Light, the life giving light is behind the darkness. The darker it seems the more Light it reveals when you have the courage and the know-how to go beyond it.

Another way it was said that the Light conceals itself with layers of buffer, as if you put layers and layers of bed-sheets on the window. First it filters the light, but put up enough bed-sheets, and you live in darkness.

Humanity lives in that darkness, and satisfies itself with inventing better and better light sources, like the newest I know, the led light fixtures. Ingenious.

The Dark Side, a group of people that revel in keeping people in darkness, in smallness, in quiet desperation, in slavery, just like the TV production kept Truman in the movie, The Truman Show.

When you look at your own life, don"t you experience asking yourself; "Is this all there is?". Or don"t you ever wonder why your life seems repetitious, your money, success, happiness so limited and so small?

truman-showThe Truman Show ((This is a very interesting short video putting religious references over the movie: worth watching, even if you are an atheist, like myself.


Here is the trailer of the movie. Here is the link to the full movie: you have to register and you have to confirm your email... or you don"t get to see it.


)) is one of the most, accidentally, truth-telling movies. Of course some parts of it are not how it is... but the fact that we live in a world that is isolated from all-of-it, that has none of the grandeur of Life, that our choices are limited, and our misery, longing, sense of lack is permanent, like an undercurrent, underscoring everything.

And of course there is no door on our personal wall... the access to something bigger and better is through the dark spots, the darkness that we don"t want to approach. The unknown, the bigger scares us and we choose, time and again, to live in the little limited world where we know (and hate) every nook and cranny, but it"s comfortable.

If you are like that, you don"t belong with me, because you are, to me, the enemy. The ballast that keeps humanity down.

You see, the Dark Side people could continue doing what they are doing, but it"s not personal, and it"s not a physical prison bar they managed to erect, and who keeps the rest of humanity from evolving into the beautiful Expanding Human Being society is you... with your voyeuristic fascination of what you are not doing, what you are not willing to do, but are titillated watching it.

I don"t kid myself that you will ever take that step. I don"t. Your entire life, your cowardice, your finding satisfaction in meaningless stupid things tells me the whole story, the ending: you are not someone who should even be given a glimpse at heaven: because you are the enemy. You"ll weaken it, and spoil it for the ones that have a big enough desire to move them past the fear.

I want to attract the Jim Carreys of the world, (Jim Carrey played Truman in The Truman Show.) not the do-it-yourself pretenders.

Not the 99% but the 1% that can make the world what it really is, for everyone. An exciting and dangerous place, but alive. Alive with pleasure and with grief. The whole enchilada, not just the "tasty" parts.

Saturday, January 19, 2019

I am starting to change my mind about Jordan Peterson. Here is a 60% truth value video

Yesterday I found a quote that shook me to my core... So I want to start with that. You could say: that quote accurately expresses my attitude about life... and I am moved by that ((Sandy Koufax was Jewish, and his attitude was what made Jews survive all those thousands of years of exile, all the persecution, and come out, when they did, on top... ))


It is 60% truth value, not because 40% of it is not true, but because it doesn"t quite distinguish the path, doesn"t look at the invisible dynamics of life it a way, that people can catch themselves as they make themselves miserable...

It is never circumstances, nor other people that make you miserable, it is your inability: lack of distinctions, to see exactly what creates your attitude and behavior.

You can"t catch what you can"t see! And lack of distinction is the cause of it.

Distinction is the ability to tell two things apart, even if and when they are very similar.

Until you can... and to the degree that you can"t... everything is the same for you as everything else... you are a bumbling idiot when it comes to life.Example: You have a feeling. You know four names for a bad feeling... so you use the words your know. But the feeling is not that... so you cannot see where it"s coming from, you are not going to be able to catch the color of evil inclination... and you"ll remain the same: self-hating, miserable.

Jordan Peterson"s accurate vocabulary is 1000 words... higher than most, but not enough to help you much... My vocabulary is 5000. The vocabulary number is about the words of behavior, attitude, emotions, values... the words that allow you to navigate your own psyche, navigate the world of people, to accurately assess what is in front of you, values, etc.

But his meager vocabulary is still 3-5 times larger than yours. In the current Playgrounds I have three students with as high a vocabulary as his... three with 5 times smaller, and two with three times smaller.

If you ever want to feel like you are a match to life, equal to life, enough for life, you MUST increase your vocabulary of feelings/emotions/attitudes.

If you don"t, there is nothing that anyone can do for you! I am shouting, I know, and you are cringing, I know...

So get off your ass, and do something for yourself! The cringing shows you that your TLB is 1... you are soft and a sissy.

There is no good life for a sissy... you need to get that. Life takes work, and work is hard. Life takes learning, and learning is hard. Life takes seeing... and I promise you, once you start seeing, it is both a blessing and a curse. You"ll rejoice in the richness... and you"ll grieve the ugly... But all in all, unless you can see, you are not living...

If you are a parent, create a project with your child or children to hunt for words that express a state of being, an attitude, a feeling.

I am working on the positive feelings, attitudes, right now. I learned "jaunty" and wrote an article about it. Yesterday I learned "jovial". I could get more diligent, but I don"t want to do it with a homework attitude: the attitude that works best for me is discovery, a sense of wonder, delighting in the added color on the fabric of life, each new word provides.

  • This is why I have been reading, exclusively, fiction for the past many months.

  • 10-30 books by each author I carefully choose for their writing ability.

  • Each author has a limited vocabulary that adds a few hundred to mine.

Even Jordan Peterson has added a word or two to my already large vocabulary, thank you very much Professor Peterson. I think I needed it.

His words add another dimension to my vocabulary, a dimension where I have been weak in: inspiration, talking to your intrinsic sense of greatness, and possibility.

I have still a lot to go...

You won"t learn new words unless you set it out as a task. It isn"t like it will infect you, or enter you by osmosis... that is not the nature of reality... or not quite. If you COULD read or listen in Theta brain wave mode, the mode of learning, then you would, but I personally don"t know anyone older than six years old, who is listening in theta mode...

In theta mode you don"t mount a filter to protect your special "I", you don"t mount a filter to protect yourself from finding out that what you know is actually not true... in Theta mode you are like a sponge.

And so were your children. And the soaked up your level of humanity... and you are surprised that they are not better people, that they don"t measure up to your high standards... which you yourself don"t consider a standard for yourself.

Ugh... ugly.

So, regardless where you are... create some circumstances inside a commitment to grow as a human... and please know, that without a larger vocabulary, you cannot grow.

Your vocabulary limits you to a certain level of being... and unless and until you grow your vocabulary, you are stuck there, and there is nothing you, me, or your favorite magician can do to unstuck you...

Voodoo won"t do it for you. Mind movies won"t do it for you. Energy clearing won"t do it for you.

Only actually learning new words will do for you.

It"s OK to start with good, nice feeling words, but given the principle of strait and narrow, learning bad feeling words will be a lot more effective.
Why? Because if something has a name, then you name it and you claim it, and own it. When you can own it, it allows you to be whatever you choose to be... instantly.

While if you start with the positive, nice, better feeling words, you will... most likely, pretend to be that... and pretense is lying... pretense won"t allow you to face the truth, pretense is all to blow smoke up other people"s ass... so they like you...

And then you can"t grow.

So start with the bad feelings. Don"t stop until you get at least 300...

Each word will give you more power... Sounds counter intuitive? What humans call intuitive is not... instead it is indoctrination to slavery. So move towards the counter intuitive: at then end is what you have always wanted: becoming a person. Yeah, a person. And individual.

One in a million.

PS: everyone wants a high or at least higher vibration. But whatever the people on the internet say about vibration is wholly b.s.

They don"t know... and they sound like they do...

But if you examined their vocabulary number: it is low.

  • David Hawkins, vocabulary: 1000.

  • Christie Marie Sheldon, vocabulary: 300.

  • Abraham/Hicks: vocabulary: 400.

  • Vishen Lakhiani: vocabulary: 700,

  • Karen Berg of the Kabbalah Centre: 300,

  • Michael Berg: 500,

  • Jack Canfield: vocabulary: 500.

  • Tai Lopez: vocabulary 700.

Tai Lopez teaches an interesting principle, the "law" of 10%. It says that you can learn 10% of another"s knowledge, or whatever they are teaching.

So if you want to grow fast, pick someone whose 10% is a significant growth for you, not someone who is just slightly and comfortably above your level... which most people do.

And especially in this fundamental capacity, being able to distinguish and name feelings, attitudes, emotions, values accurately, don"t pick someone who can 10X your vocabulary... or you are wasting your life with easy.

This doesn"t mean: don"t listen to anything they say: just don"t learn vocabulary from them...

Jordan Peterson has a bigger "bad attitudes" vocabulary than most, and maybe bigger "inspiration" vocabulary than me...

I know all the bad words, but didn"t know the inspiration words... so he can teach me something... but his real value for me is that he casts his net wider than me, including politics, and such, I have no clue about...

But if I want to learn inspiring words, I am better off studying the famous orators... and I even own a book, big, heavy, lasts a lifetime.

When I learn a new word, I spend at least a few days to make it instinctual... to be able to recognize it even if there is a smokescreen... So I learn, really learn, only one new word every few days.
Some words, like generosity, authenticity, integrity, loyalty... and such took me years each... I started this learning new words around my 40th birthday.

Once you go over the hump... the words come fast and furious, and your growth comes with it.

So if anyone asked me, nowadays, what is the most important activity you can take on to raise your vibration, I would say, without hesitation: increase your negative feelings/attitudes vocabulary. It works like magic.

What should be your first words you learn: just go to the Bach Energies page

I just checked, and I am sure I have an even better page, where the negative energy of the feeling is expressed better...

I will be looking for that list, and come back here and post it... Just check back again later.

In the meantime, read these two articles:



Friday, January 18, 2019

What is evil... and who is evil? Is it what the bible teaches? And what is the state of evil in the world today?

It is, it has been hard to see, but I think I can see it now.

You want to get without giving. Anything, if possible, a thank you at most... so that

  • You shouldn"t have to reciprocate

  • You shouldn"t have to pay attention

  • You shouldn"t have to do anything for what you want... especially not something that another person will or may benefit from

The worst of human nature is starting to take over...

You could call it stinginess... but I think we have gone past that stage... stingy was nice compared to... wait for it...

Circuitry: blocking even the chance of thinking about any energy going to the other... Block the flow...

Giving, allowing, sharing offends your sensibilities: it, all, should only be good for you. Everyone else: they should get their own... you are not going to give them a hand, give them of yours... you want what you have...

Is this true about you?

This is the direction the world is going... so in a way it is true.

Are there exceptions?

If you are an exception, you have noticed that the world is going in that direction... and you can see that it is getting cold... everywhere where you go, and that you are eyed suspiciously because you are still trying to give, trying to cause flow, trying not to block it... so that life, Life can continue on this planet.

Divide and conquer has been a winning strategy in history...

when you manage to turn people who used to be neighbors, family, friends, against each other, then winning is easy: you can kill them all, they will even help you by killing their newfound enemy, their neighbor, their family, their friends.

It happened when the Nazis brilliantly declared the Jews the enemy. It wasn"t the first time, it won"t be the last time... it is an effective strategy: divide and conquer. Divide et impera...

The technique is as old as "human" society... human "culture"

On one hand we have a slogan: united we stand... weak, but effective... but hard to come by.

Human nature, the lowest, seems to seek benefit at others" expense... this is what Kabbalah calls "desire for the self alone" the only evil there is.

When I last checked, the darkness was only 50%... when I checked this morning, it is 80% now. Back in 2011 when I, quite arrogantly, "activated the planet" downloaded the energies of the higher nature of humans, the Original Design, https://www.yourvibration.com/track-activation-original-design/, when I finished the activation, I measured the Dark Side at 36%...

The evil is rising to power in the world, and they are using YOUR help...

By only thinking of yourself, of what you are getting, from others, mind you, not through your work, you are feeding the darkness.

Back in 1956, my family didn"t run to the West.

We lived in a house that was built in 1938, and was bombed out when my father was looking for a place to live in 1947. I was just born, and we lived in a one-room apartment, two kids and two parents.

He found this bombed out house, that the first floor was a police station. My father decided that we"d move to the second floor... and we did. Of the four rooms only one was heatable... but he spent his money in fixing the roof that had the bomb destroy, and little by little build new chimneys so we can live.

A few years later the "state" decided to declare all properties state owned, and from that point on we paid rent... then the state moved in a tenant into our part of the house... they didn"t have to get our agreement.

In 1956, my father, a Communist, fought on the side of the government, against the hordes of people who were released from prisons, to upturn the system. I was nine years old. My front teeth were missing, I just got my first prescription glasses in September.

My parents didn"t decide to jump ship... and I remember the waves of hatred from the people who hoped that they could put their hands on our apartment, and move out of the basement.

That was my first conscious experience, exposure to evil.

I recognize evil now, even if it hides behind a smoke screen.

How do you recognize evil? Desire for the self alone?

I can offer you a simple formula...

1. Wanting to look good, making another look bad or worse than you
2. Wanting to Be right, making another wrong
3. Wanting to win, making another lose in the process
4. Wanting to dominate...
5. Justify self... invalidate another
6. Avoid being responsible... point fingers at others

What gets lost for you when you are engaging in acts of desires of evil? And I am talking personally to you... the thought is not far from anyone"s mind, so please look.

What gets lost is what makes life worth living.

1. Affinity. The capacity to love, to appreciate, to rejoice, to enjoy, to share.
2. Your health, your vitality, your mojo, your ambition, your spirit
3. Your finances, your livelihood, your prosperity, your abundance
4. Joy...

You can commit evil in many ways... most of it is not visible much from the outside... some of you cover it up with giggling... men and women alike.

The giggling comes from the evil inclination, we call it glee... Or alternatively it can be a smokescreen, like with magicians: watch my hands... not where I do what I do.

In a minute I"ll go over to that article from 2011, and will spend as much time it takes to re-measure most countries, the vibration... I muscle tested, and Source said that I should do it.

Then I"ll come back here and share what I saw.

The numbers are interesting...

Am I pessimistic? No, I am a realist. That is what a Seer is... I can see where the world is heading, and I can see that unless some actions slow the trend down enough... it is going to end up where it is heading.

My work is to inspire action, teach how to do them, to all who is willing to learn.

Here is a TED talk, that takes a different approach


Thursday, January 17, 2019

Indigo, shmindigo... about indigo children and humanity"s obsession of a "higher power" and a universe that makes sense

indigo childI think that most, or at least, many children are born with a much higher potential than what they will actually live out.

It"s been that way from the beginning of time. Some of these children, like myself, are allowed to grow like a weed. Attention, the attention of the lesser ability adults that try to pass on their world view destroys the potential of these children.

  • It is said that we live in special times.

  • That nowadays more children than ever before are born with some additional strands of DNA...

  • That children retain their ability to see the invisible, hear the invisible, feel the invisible.

I don"t think this is the case. I think that in every age people were born closer to what could be considered "the next evolution" but got reduced back to "normal" by their loving parents, by their caring teachers, or by a hostile society that doesn"t tolerate being different.

Of course this day and age, where humanity has no power, no purpose, no individuality, we are trying to make ourselves more special by claiming that our children are special... after all they are OUR children.

A few generations ago being "weird" wasn"t considered special... maybe special needs children... i.e. imbecile, or insane... however they were labeled.

My parents never thought I would amount to anything. I was a handful, unmanageable, disrespectful, learning disabled on one hand, ingenious on the other.

Not the ideal child to have.

I got lucky, and they left me grow like weed... pruned here and there, but not cultivated.

Your cultivation of your children is what robs them of their intelligence, them being in touch with who they are.

Cultivation and protection, keeping them safe and deadened.

Here is a clip from Esther Hicks... surprisingly level-headed, truth value of 3%m 97% hogwash...  still is quite high for Esther Hicks.