Wednesday, March 21, 2018

What will you think next, Sophie? You want to Bribe me?

What will you think next, Sophie? Bribe me?


Here is the bribe you are complaining about:

if you friend me on Facebook, I"ll give you a bribe...Something you normally have to pay for...

What bribe is worth friending me for? You tell me! What would be valuable enough for you? Comment or email...

Now, let me tell you why I"d like you to friend me:

I want to expand my circle of influence. I"d like to be able to offer my teaching to more people. And Facebook, even though I hate it, seems like a good place. Maybe... needs to be tested.

So when you become friends with me, your friends will read about it...
When you become friends with me, you may have to see my posts...
So if you don"t like me, if you violently disagree with my teachings, don"t friend me. Not for anything. It"s an integrity issue... so please don"t do it.

But if you think that maybe I am onto something... then yes, please friend me.

The secret of any bribe is this: it has to be the tiny push someone needs to do what they already want to do.

Not the only push...
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Saturday, November 18, 2017

Reframing: is losing weight hard? is it hard work? or is it something else?

  I went grocery shopping today on my own. I was carrying some 20 lbs of groceries up the steps to get home. I ran into Leo, my musician friend. I explained to him that carrying those 20 lbs of groceries illustrated to me what it was like to climb the steps a year ago, … Continue reading "Reframing: is losing weight hard? is it hard work? or is it something else?"

Thursday, October 19, 2017

The mind is an answer finding, meaning making machine

So I am sitting here... and this wave of hopelessness washes over me. I observe my mind that goes and tries on different memes to make sense of the feeling.

"No matter what I do...." the whining voice says.
"It"s hopeless... give it up!" says the authoritative voice.
"You are worthless... who do you think you are to think that you are any better?"

None of these are mine. The feeling comes from my next door neighbor who became a "Christian" to feel better, but it"s not working for her.


Are your vibration, your starting point measurements just a bunch of numbers?

I am interested in deciphering the relationship between numbers, scores in your Starting Point Measurements.

I can see, that without a comprehensive and accurate understanding of what causes what, what is cause, what is effect, you may not know how to change the "geography" of your life. You will be stuck where you are... or only move accidentally... so I do see the urgency in this move.

I am expanding the scope of the work I put into measuring your Starting Point Measurements to Enlightenment, to becoming a human being, even though this work more than doubles the time I have to spend with it. Eventually I"ll raise the price, but not yet.

Why? For one, I want to know. But more importantly, instead of giving you a bunch of numbers, maybe I can make them useful... What and idea, right? lol.

So here is the first group of numbers that I have analyzed:

Tuesday, October 17, 2017

The word of Good and Evil, and other memes. How the wrong yearns to be fixed...

I field a lot of emails in a day. And some of those emails are goldmines, because they reveal the wrong ideas that people entertain, the wrong premises on which they build their actions.

In this article I will go deep, root level, and I will also go higher... because wrong premises can infect you on all levels.

Here is the latest:

Q: Can I listen to the Energizer Audio through headsets for 10 minutes a day to raise my cell hydration?


Monday, October 16, 2017

MVP... Life"s most valuable player? Minimum viable product? What is the connection?

Confession time: I have a very small window where I experience being physically well. Or emotionally well. I am not very sturdy.

I have a tiny tolerance to heat, a small tolerance to cold, a small tolerance to running on empty.

Especially painful and unsettling for me is running on empty... while you, while most people spend their daily energy allotment on trivial things, and then run on fumes all day.

For me, that is unbearable, intolerable, hell.

Sunday, October 15, 2017

Are you worth a damn? What is your deserving factor? Where do you look to answer?

In this article I will use "deserving factor" and "your worth a damn factor" interchangeably. Do they mean the same thing? I don"t know. My clarity, even after having written this article is 70%... Compared to the 10% it was when I started writing it.
I just came back from climbing the steps for the second time.

I went back to step 1 on my 67 steps. I am finding that the foundational steps are really foundational, and I better hang out there a few times, to really harvest the value of the whole 67 steps.

The first step is about your deserving factor.
Tai says that you have what you have deserved.
But I noticed, that instead I hear something else: I hear "my value..." or "how valuable am I?" so my precious "I" starts worrying.

Saturday, October 14, 2017

Wrong beliefs? Cannot move from A to B? It"s not your fault! It"s the system

When people speak about beliefs that they want to get rid of, let"s say, belief about money, abundance, they always think that there are some personal beliefs there, that they are discreet, and that they can get rid of them.

Back in my times when I was doing Fourth Plane energies, "designer energies", one of the moves I had is to make my hand sticky, and pull beliefs, also called thought forms, from myself and from clients.

It was a long process. Hard on the muscles...

Friday, October 13, 2017

Your world is dominated by the invisible. Get to know it... or else...

Your world is dominated by the invisible. And the invisible is like muddy water, every shyster has their hand in it, stirring it. ((No matter who you are, you are infected with memes. Being able to distinguish pieces of knowledge, words, as memes, gives you an opportunity to choose.

Some memes are more restrictive than others.

Kabbalists, Werner Erhard, great philosophers... no one is an exception. The less you allow memes to create a fixed universe for you, the more innovative, and the more "real" your view becomes.

The meme of the kabbalist, the consciousness based teaching seems very freeing and useful... until you add some "Creator" into the mix... which would make it religious...

Some, so called Kabbalaists, like Yehuda Berg, has incorporated modern New-Agey memes into his teaching, rendering it quite harmful.))

But this article will be about you. About your chances of being able to live a life worth living. Largely. I mean worth living most of the time.

Why not all the time? And why not gloriously?

It is too much to ask. But compared to the tasteless, joyless, have-to life you now live, a life worth living, for most of the time, is an amazing thing...

So what is the invisible part, the muddy water, that dominates your life? That makes you not enjoy life, that makes you want to go to sleepwalk, to not feel, to not be present?

It is the memes, partially, and it is you, partially.
You have no distinctions...
Let me give you an example that will shed light to what distinctions are, and why they are important.

Let"s imagine that you prepare for heart surgery.

Thursday, October 12, 2017

Earl Nightingale spells out the small (tiny) steps method... and everybody misses it

I just listened to this Earl Nightingale talk... eleven minutes or so.

I had never heard it...

It struck me how everything was invented so many times in history... and however many times it was invented, like how to get from where you are to being in the top few percent of the world, millions of people can listen to you and they will miss it.

Why? Because, I think, because opportunity comes in work clothes... Opportunity looks like work. And what people hope opportunity is is like a windfall... it befalls you... lol.

Enjoy the video. Even if you miss it, it is fun to listen.