Saturday, July 14, 2018

Take care of what takes care of you

the future will take care of itselfTake care of what takes care of you? ((the future will take care of itselfThe picture suggests that taking care of what takes care of you is your duty. No one can or will take care of you, or not really. Everyone"s job is to take care of what takes care of them... That is the secret of a world that works, that is the secret of a life that works.

As long as you expect something or someone to take care of your life without taking care of what you can take care of, yourself, you are set up to unhappiness, discontent, and a life of misery.

You need to reevaluate what belongs to you... and then take care of it.

In technical terms, or in ontological terms (being science) everything that belong to you: you can be responsible for. And you are responsible for enough things to create an unparalleled beautiful life... Really.

Your yearning to be taken care of is your undoing... If you are a "Finish What You Start", "Removing Hatred", "Circuitry". or "Big Picture, "Revealing the Dark Side" soul correction, this is your first thing to attend to. Hate the idea? I thought so...

By the way, the principle doesn"t say "take care of who takes care of you"... Think about that!))

There is a book out there that says "Choose Yourself".

And it doesn"t mean anything evil... it means that when in doubt, take care of what takes care of you.

I read the book back in April, it was like a huge iceberg... I saw only a tiny bit of the top part. And it worried me. It was one of the hardest things I had to do, because I didn"t know how to choose myself... I didn"t know what that would mean in different situations, it was nerve wrecking.

Then slowly, over two months, I asked myself the question, and one day I saw somewhere written "take care of what takes care of you". That question, as opposed to "choose yourself" opened up a new world for me.

You can always ask the question: what takes care of me? My body, my health, my legs, my digestion, reading, living in silence, the birds on my deck taking a bath, my business, my exercise class...

I saw all these and a lot more...

It"s given me actions that I would not have considered before. I was rude to one of the other old people in the community van... I saw the driver tighten up. A day or two later I apologized to him... I took care of what takes care of me.

The most important thing that happened that this new principle took me-me-me out of the center, and put the support structure to the center... and life is a lot brighter because of that.

For example, I have rescheduled my daily walks to early morning, when the Dark Side attacks are less likely. I am getting stronger without the threat of getting killed by climbing the hill and being pounded by highly physical energies.

In researching what others had to say about this principle "take care of what takes care of you" I stumbled on a series of videos by Jared Bull who calls what he is doing Transformational Coaching... Personal vibration: 200. Truth value: 10. Why so low? Because he speaks from common knowledge, because he is, for example, not an empath... He is a sensitive. So he actually doesn"t know, personally, what is it like to be an empath.

One of his videos makes a lot of sense. It has a 30% truth value and it feels like good coaching.

Here is the video.

Here is a link to his youtube channel, if you want more from him.

He talks about the narcissist as this black hole... and I tend to see his point: they NEVER take care of what takes care of them, instead they want it all from others. Desire for the self alone... no light is coming out of them.

Many soul corrections have narcissistic elements, but only the "Circuitry" soul correction is fully matching the black hole analogy.

The parts in the Starting Point Measurements that point out these narcissistic tendencies are
  • 1. how much they are about themselves

  • 2. the relationship between their desire and ambition. The higher that proportion, the more narcissistic the person.

I don"t think narcissism is a character defect, by the way. And it is not set in stone.

The more you can see that you are powerless to take care of what takes care of you is the cause of it... Nurture... not nature.

Hm, I recognize myself as that person he talks about, the person who didn"t get love as a child, and therefore I declared myself independent... lol.

So this also points to an aspect of "take care of what takes care of you"... give yourself the love you need... as love. Through harmonizing the two selves, the judgmental one, that belittles everything you do, is cold and much like your parent was... and the person who is trying to make their way in the world without knowing much of how to do it.

I teach this in other articles, and I see that what I have been teaching is not much... I guess before I can teach it I need to learn it myself...

I see that the 26 years I spent in Landmark was, actually, taking care of what takes care of me. Getting glimpses, distinctions of what is under the sea level in the iceberg. Also habits, vantage points, practice to change my mind, see widely and deeply, so I am not stuck in my narrow way of seeing and judging the world, myself, and others.


I see that the idea of taking care of what takes care of you is not an overused cliche... only 9500 pages as opposed to the nine billion pages of popular notions, like love and such...

Of course, depending on where you are in your journey in self-realization, you"ll see more or you"ll see less of what constitutes what takes care of you.

The more you see, the bigger your world becomes, and the more friendly it will feel.

One thing about this principle is "pick your battles".

If you are railing against your government, or the massacre of whales, or other things where you are expanding energy at something that is none of your business... in the context of taking care of what takes care of you, you can see that your attention needs to be pulled back to where it can make a difference. Duh... it should make sense, but for some strange reason most people will choose to fight windmills... probably to earn the right to say: I am powerless... which keeps them right... and keeps them the same.

Looking at doing the things that empower you takes courage.

This is what the serenity prayer is about... but no matter how many times you repeat it to yourself, until you can see the world through the distinction "except the things you cannot change, change the things you can, and know the difference".

It will sound ludicrous, but everything I teach, everything any of my coaching programs do, are teaching you to see what takes care of you, to own that it is your job, and to start taking care of what takes care of you.

The flavors are different in the 67 steps coaching, or the accountability coaching, or in the upcoming "The Science of Getting Rich... " or how to think and act in a Certain Way...

But only the tool differs, the goal is the same: putting your attention at what takes care of you, and suggest ways to do that.

We are not born with this ability... and then our upbringing corrupted up, thinking that other people should take care of us, government, spouses, parents, doctors, lawyers... while we do next to nothing to take care of what takes care of us.
It is immensely satisfying to shift our attitudes and actions. And, between you and me, what makes you a person, what evolves a Self that you can call your own, that you can be true to, is taking it on yourself, willingly, to take care of what takes care of you.

Friday, July 13, 2018

There is a Science to life... and if you want more life, you need to follow it

There is a Science to Life... and if you want more life, you need to follow it, you need to work WITH Life.

But you, and most everyone else, think yourself smarter than everyone else... and your mantra in life is "Don"t tell me what to do!" or "I"ll do it my way!" and you follow your mantra, not Life.

And your life is a true mirror to that attitude: nothing is done exactly, no rules are followed exactly, and your life is shabby, hodge podge, and you are wretched.

Why is it that not every person get the promised results out of reading the book, The Science of Getting Rich? Or any other course or program? Really, that less than 1% do? Is it always the fault of the teacher?

Here are a few things about The Science of Getting Rich, the highest truth value book I have ever measured...
  • 1. If you take everything literally in it, the truth value is 30%

  • 2. If you take the formless substance bit as a context, not as THE TRUTH, then the truth value is 50%

  • 3. If you take the god stuff a symbolic, then the truth value goes up to 60%.

Now, why is this?

Because if you believe in woo woo, gods, angels, and such, you will not do the work that is required so you can get rich. You"ll hear what you like, what doesn"t require you to do anything, and shelf the rest. Now, that is the main reason.

The second reason is just as important. People read the book, or listen to it, and NEVER ask the question: what is the certain way of doing and thinking that Wattles is talking about?

You skip over... you must be thinking that if you continue doing things the same way, thinking the same way, you will get rich because Wattles said so...

He didn"t. He said:

Unless you do things in a certain way and think in a certain way, you will not get rich.

But even to ask that question, you need to be, for that moment, NOT INTELLECTUALLY SLOTHFUL. Bummer, eh?

If you think you already know and you are not already rich: you don"t know, you are delusional.

So what is that certain way in thinking and in doing that WILL MAKE YOU RICH?

If you are penny wise and dollar foolish, if you don"t take care of what takes care of you, then you won"t even attempt to find it out. You"ll wait for me to tell you... and I have been. You cannot hear it. For you it is noise...

You are not habituated to use your brain for anything useful. Unfortunately.

It used to be that people used 3% of their brain for something useful. Now, my best student uses a whole 1%, and the rest about one half of one percent.

But, believe me, getting rich will take a lot more than that.

Unfortunately no one teaches you how to use your brain. Schools surely not. I am not exaggerating. It"s like you have a Stradivarius violin, but can"t use it. ((The highest price paid for a Stradivarius violin is $16 million (£9.5 million). A rare viola made by the Italian artisan Antonio Stradivari in 1719 that will be sold by Sotheby"s in a sealed bid auction in June is valued at $45 million (£27 million).))

How much of your brain do you use it for real thinking, useful thinking?

I have a Philosophy student in graduate school who is my test subject in teaching people to think. He is the one with the 1%... I have another acquaintance who lives down the street from me. He is a PhD Candidate in philosophy. Same number: 1%. In philosophy you either learn to think or you learn to repeat what other people say... sink or swim.

Architects definitely weren"t taught to think. Most of the work an architect does is mindless work. No thinking required.

Maybe lawyers, strategists, but same thing... some learned it many didn"t.

Having thoughts, searching in your memory is not thinking.

Thinking is hard, very hard work, and most people shy away from it, and ask someone else to do it for them.

But you can learn the moves of thinking, and slowly, gradually, increase the amount of brain power you can use, effectively.

I just measured: a lion living in the wild uses 2% of this brain for thinking, while a cat uses only 1%. It is still more than how much you use. A dog is on your level of brain usage. Half percent.

The Wicked Witch of the West is continuing bombarding me with painful attacks BECAUSE she is only using one half percent of her brain... If she used more, she would get that it doesn"t do anything for her, so why bother...

Getting Rich while your happiness, health, love also increases is an exact science. It can be taught, it can be practiced, and it definitely works.

But, my hunch is, given all the wrong teachings in the world, the road to acquiring this science is wrought with many obstacles... misunderstandings, and insufficient, faulty thinking.

I have found that there are billions of people who want to get rich. There are also many millions of people who made a lot of money.

But I have found that only a tiny percentage of all these people are happy, healthy, and fulfilled...

I am having this thought, now that I have re-listened to the nearly two hour audio of The Science of Getting Rich, I can use it to coach and guide people...

Especially unlearning things and clarifying things that are easy to be misconstrued, misunderstood, misinterpreted, to the detriment of the science.

If you would like to participate in this coaching program, all in writing, peppered maybe with webinars, please sign up to the notification list... Or at least be a subscriber...
If you are not willing to give this a year, maybe more, then please don"t bother. You are penny wise and dollar foolish and you probably won"t amount to much...

The Science of Getting Rich is the fastest way to raise your vibration, by the way. I live my life 80% consistent with the science, and plan to bring it to the missing 20% of my life... where I am ordinary, complaining, or faltering.

Thursday, July 12, 2018

You are a bad neighborhood -- eliminate your influence on your water

If, in spite of all your efforts, your cell hydration hasn"t gone up, I need to suspect that you, unintentionally, de-energize your water... that your presence lowers vibration, makes water incoherent.

I remember when someone was told this same things, with slightly different words... They told him that the grass doesn"t grow where he treads.

If your water isn"t responding to the Water Energizer energy as expected, or one moment it is energized/coherent, the next it isn"t... more often than not it an the environmental issue. Thunderstorms, Noreaster, you or some other people getting access to your house bringing down the vibration of the water.

I found out a few years ago that the simple Source energy, the Energizer, is vulnerable to Fourth Plane, man made energies. ((Back when Mr. Trivedi was active))

All Dark Side energies are man made. The Bach Flower remedies don"t use human interaction, so they are not vulnerable to human energies. I have been shipping those to Canada...

Canada, it seems, is too close to the source of most Dark energies. So is South America and Antarctica,
Iceland and Greenland.

It is not just the energizer, all the energies I channel are vulnerable. This was the reason I bundled the 40 Bach Energies into Heaven on Earth... as a bundle it is not vulnerable.

There was a time when I experimented with bundling the Energizer with some other energies, but it never worked.

But because of the recent difficulties, nearly 24/7 Dark Side attacks, I asked Source if I have access to an energy I could bundle the energizer with, and have it be invulnerable to Dark Side energies.

The answer was: yes.

To my surprise Source suggested that I combine/bundle the Energizer with the sticky energy I learned in the Omega Shakti System, the energy I use to remove sticky patterns from your system, physical, mental, and emotional patterns.

That "move". that energy used to be my favorite in that system, because it is so visceral and it was so enjoyable to feel/see the pattern being removed. It was, actually, very effective too.

Please note that pattern removal, pattern pulling does what other people try to do with some voodoo... they call it belief something... removal? except that this one works, no incantation and no need to know what the content of the pattern is. You cannot do it in groups, you need to do it individually, so it is expensive. It is somewhat similar to what I do when I remove attachments and cords, except it was done with sticky palm, instead of grabbing the distinct attachment and pulling it out like you pull a weed.

Anyway, I am going to do the combining of these two energies and record myself transmitting this new Energizer bundle, and upload it to the site.

If you have purchased the Energizer (also called Water Energizer) before, it will be available to you for no charge. That is the minimum I can do for you... I want you to increase your cell hydration and thus your coherence level.

And that way none of the environmental influencers, people, yourself, or the weather, will be able to nix your results.

I"ll send out an email to you if you are on the energizer purchasers list.

All is good... Now I only have to invent something that would protect me from the Wicked Witch of the West and her voodoo directed at me.

If you haven"t... the sales page is still at the same page

Readers ask: How do you know you are an empath?

The other day someone posted a comment on my site. I expected it to be intentionally hurtful, and I treated it as such... But in the meantime I pushed it around in my thoughts and reconsidered.

It is a valid question... He asked: How do you know you are an empath?

Really, how do I know?

Now, the question could come from:
  • 1. how do you know you have a special ability and therefore you know more than others? This was my original interpretation.

  • 2. how does one know? Really? What clues one in that what they are feeling is not their own feelings, and not their imagination running wildly away with them? This second question is what I am going to attempt to answer in this post.

To answer it, I have to go way way back in my personal history.
  • Feeling lust and sexual arousal as a baby when my parents were having sex... unconfrontably difficult feeling to deal with as a baby.

  • Feeling lust even when pigeons are doing their "dance" looking for sex

  • Feeling anger and hate when my mother looked at me

  • Feeling the greed when my brother looked at the stuff I brought when I came back from England at age 18.

Then came the dark years... the episodes of depression, the desire to die, where no medicine helped because, as I figured out decades later, the feelings weren"t mine.

Knowing my feelings, my preferences, my tastes, what I wanted was impossible to know... I really thought I was mentally ill...

Knowing what went on for people who went to strip clubs (I published a magazine for strip clubs for 11 years)
Then many years I was just feeling miserable... An ever changing inner landscape with storms of anxiety, fear, disgust, anger, hate, resentment... have no idea how much of it was mine.

I met this dude in the year 2000. He was a medical student much younger than me. But he knew words and worlds that didn"t have anything in common with what I even suspected existed. We shacked up, and he took me where he went.

One evening we met up with another guy, and the two guys started to exchange energy moves... and I felt exactly what they were supposedly felt: obviously I don"t know what they were supposed to feel... But what I felt was not meant for me to feel.

Then I was in the room when he was sent some strong attunement energies by his guru, and I had seizures from it... It was interesting and made HIM think.

He called me clairesensar, which is not a word: he made it up. What he meant was clairsentient... I felt another"s feelings. That is really the word, not empath. Someone who feels another"s feelings. Feelings are feelings, whether they are normal sensory feelings or marker feelings... a clairsentient
  • I could feel what bone needed to be moved to release the pain or tension in the chiropractor"s office... things the they could not feel... I was always accurate... the instant relief showed it.

  • I could feel which vertebrae was stuck, you can imagine my amazement, AND delight. Suddenly I wasn"t only miserable, I was a useful miserable... with a talent.

Of course because of my innate curiosity, and enormous appetite to learn new things, I had names for things, and I knew what I was talking about... ((This is where your accurate vocabulary comes in... See the Starting Point Measurements...

Just like in music you can have a good ear, or you can have perfect pitch, or the sense of absolute pitch (the ability to recognize the pitch of a note or to produce any given note; a sense of absolute pitch.) you can feel things APPROXIMATELY, or you can feel them precisely.))
Clairsentience, which means clear sensing, is the ability to feel the present, past or future physical and emotional states of others, without the use of the normal five senses. Psychics who are clairsentient are able to retrieve information from houses, public buildings and outside areas.

What is the difference between an empath and a Clairsentient?
Empathy is an intuitive psychic gift. It is the capability of picking up someone else"s feelings. A true empath who has the gift of clairsentience can actually know exactly what someone else is experiencing. Clairsentience that manifests as sympathy or heightened empathy can cause the psychic some emotional issues.

Clairempathy (clear emotion) – An Empath is a person who can psychically tune in to the emotional experience of a person, place or animal. Clairempathy is a type of telepathy to sense or feel within one"s self, the attitude, emotion or ailment of another person or entity.

All these are hearsay, second hand knowledge, translated with the current state of knowledge of the world.

Only someone who has these gifts, or curses, could tell, but, of course, a true clair anything has too much going on to be sure. If you are sure, then you are either a liar, a con man, or delusional.

Feelings, emotions are not clear cut, their names is mighty confusing, and feeling another"s stuff is unpleasant, or horrible.

Your own feelings, your own emotions cannot guide you, because there is no difference between theirs and yours.

I muscle-test if a feeling is mine or not. Lot of work.

So the feelings that can clue me in who I am, what do I like, what do I want are not reliable... I am forever entangled with others.

I was studying Kabbalah and was supported, weekly, by a Kabbalah Centre guidance counselor. One day she said that you can always connect to "The Creator"... it is like connecting to electricity.

So I did. And then, shortly after that I watched a woman teach connecting to that same place, without the sound, and I knew exactly what she was doing, and could do the same. Inside.

Then I listened to the words, and could hear that the words don"t take you there... hm. interesting.

But I found out that if I muscle test while connected to that place, I have come to call Source or All-Knowledge, I could glean a lot of answers, so I started to spend hours a day to ask questions.

And to my great delight I have started to get glimpses to the invisible paradigm... the paradigm that cannot be accessed through the mind, through the eyes, the paradigm that is underneath the appearances.

I don"t know what this has to do with being an empath, or any of those "claire" whatevers, but this is mostly what I do today: penetrate the world that underlies the visible reality.

It seems that I have turned myself into a two-way channel: knowledge is channeled towards the visible world, and new questions channeled towards All-Knowledge.

Life is unpleasant for me, lots of pain, but this part, the channeling part is delightful, maybe even joyful.

I am naturally curious, discovery, experimentation, distinguishing are what makes it worth for me to live... even if it is just a small part of my day. When I think of anything to lose when I die, that is what I would regret to lose.

Does this answer the question?

Muscle test says yes.

Please let me know. If it is a no for you, it means to me that you were really asking a different question.

Just one more thing: lots of people write to me, angry, asking: On what authority I judge their guru...

On my own authority... but I don"t judge them, I assess them, I measure them, with the help of All-Knowledge. It is not my opinion that I write down... I often have no opinion. I am a channel, remember? A channel.

Wednesday, July 11, 2018

How does fear get in your way of getting to abundance, to a life worth living?


What is in your way of getting to abundance, to a life worth living? ((What is abundance? "Abundant life" refers to life in its abounding fullness of joy and strength for mind, body, and soul. "Abundant life" signifies a contrast to feelings of lack, emptiness, and dissatisfaction, and such feelings may motivate a person to seek for the meaning of life and a change in their life. The word is Latin in origin, and simply means "fullness, plenty." But plenty is not what makes a life abundant. It is the sense of no lack... The lack of feeling that something is missing, something is amiss, that something should be there and isn"t.

The fastest and most reliable way to get into a scarcity state is to have too high desire score and too little, too low ambition score.

Someone who has a high abundance score is most likely in action about what they want... and don"t have time to spend much time in desire, or the desire trap.))

People, normally, want some miracle potion, lotion, energy treatment, belief erasure, mind movies, vision boards, and many other things that they hope will give them abundance.

Or they are waiting to feel like doing something, maybe courage?

But where they don"t look is where they have power... the root cause of their scarcity, their misery, their life.


There is reasonable fear and unreasonable fear.

But you don"t know the difference. You don"t want to be present to your fear, because...

Why, really?
Because if you got really present, if you brought your capacities to observe the fear, to see what it"s suggesting you need to protect, you would see that it is not reasonable.

I mean you can say "I am afraid that I am less smart than I fancy myself to be" and assign reason to that, but that is an excuse, not a reason.

One of the hallmarks of a low vibration person is using words inaccurately.

Reason is primarily "the power of the brain to think, understand, and form judgments by a process of logic"

Of course dictionary will put the cultural meaning first: a cause, explanation, or justification for an action or event, which means to you and me that the dictionary"s truth value is as low as 10%... dictionary"s clarity score is 10%... ugh.

So if we look at the main meaning of the word "reason" then what we are going to do is look what is underneath the marker feeling that we call fear.

All emotions are marker feelings...

All emotions are marker feelings... meaning, some word or words are associated with the emotion, some words arise BEFORE the emotion... in a way causing the emotion. They are inseparable the word and the emotion: they go together like the front of your hand and the back of your hand... ALWAYS arising together.

So your behavior, when it doesn"t lead to abundance, comes from some word or words.

The job is to find the words. You call these beliefs, but there is no such thing as beliefs. There are only words and marker feelings that tell you to do or not do something.

The dictionary meaning of fear, 7% truth value, is: fear is an unpleasant emotion caused by the belief that someone or something is dangerous, likely to cause pain, or a threat.
"Through every generation of the human race there has been a constant war, a war with fear. Those who have the courage to conquer it are made free and those who are conquered by it are made to suffer until they have the courage to defeat it, or death takes them."~ Alexander the Great

Everyone is afraid. Fear is normal. Even irrational fear is normal: we live in a culture of words, and certain thoughts foster fear (marker feeling!)

People who seem fearless have a different relationship to fear than you: they see the fear, but they don"t stop there.

So what do they do? They start using their reason, their sechel (Hebrew word for reason)... their brain.

And they evaluate the pro and the con... act on the fear, or act on something else, and then they do it.

If you are gripped in fear, it pretty much means to me that your willingness to reason, ability to reason, habit to reason is not available to you.


I didn"t say stupid, even though you act stupid. You may have a brain that can be trained to reason... but you haven"t and won"t.

So what am I saying? Is it fear that stops you from going for abundance or not?

Fear never stops anyone. You stop you. And you use fear as a justification, as an excuse.

You always have either your excuses or your results. There is no third option.

So can fear be attacked, transformed, changed, tamed directly? No, I don"t think so.

I say that unless you start increasing your capacity to think, to reason, you"ll remain slave to fear.

My reclaim coaching using the 67 steps program as a backbone, is a workable way to increase your intellectual, mental capacities... It works if you work it. If you do it the way you do everything, then it won"t do you sh*t... pardon my French.

OK, as I was writing this article, I had some questions to All-Knowledge, aka Source. I asked about the major religions.

Here are my answers:

The root level of any human, any living thing, of any world view is desire... the main motive power for any action.

The desire can be a desire for the self alone, and a desire for the sake of sharing.

Desire for the self alone is underneath all the ugly feelings, fear, hate, greed.

Look at which religions have holy wars... their desire for the self alone creates hate. The hate of anyone having a different world view.

Christianity, Islam, Hinduism... are based and rooted in hate.
All the other major religions I can think of are based on the desire for the sake of sharing.

I asked about Hitler... and the Third Reich was based on not hate, as one would expect, but on greed. (greed=intense and selfish desire for something, especially wealth, power, or food.)

It is mental slothfulness that keeps you in scarcity.

My favorite non-fiction book is Wallace D. Wattles" The Science of Getting Rich.

Millions of people have read it. Everyone takes out of it what they can hear... almost no one takes out that unless they beat mental slothfulness, the whole thing, the science, won"t work.

Here is a quote from the book:
The individual worker, however, is not held down by the ignorance or the mental slothfulness of his class; he can follow the tide of opportunity to riches...

...the trusts can keep men in so called hopeless conditions only so long as there are men who are too ignorant to know of the science of getting rich, or too intellectually slothful to practice it.

Although Wallace D Wattles, at the beginning of the last century, wrote this book about money, everything he says in it is applicable to health, love and happiness as well.

The truth value of the book is 60%, the highest truth value I have every found.

So will you get rich if you read that book? Doubtful. You will misunderstand, misconstrue, pick and choose what the pay attention to and what not to.

Unless you increase your mental acuity, your clarity, and start taking care of yourself, nothing will happen. Nothing can help you.

Even though you were born with all those capacities, without use, without learning to use them, without practice, you remain like a pebble that hides the diamond within.

To get the diamond out, lots of work is required, skilled work, precise work, diligent work.

That is what it takes to make you a diamond. An uncut diamond is not worth much.

Are you worth a damn? Probably not.

Tuesday, July 10, 2018

Are you planting enough seeds so that you can have a rich harvest come fall?

If we took an inventory of your life... If I followed you around for a day, a week, a month... How many of your actions are planting seeds for the future you desire, how many are planting seeds to no results, or undesired results?

Most people plant no seeds. Some plant seeds but then forget about watering them, and the weeds or the dryness kills the seeds before they can even sprout.

Most people think that the world rotates around them, should play according to their rules, and their rules are: give it to me now, because I want it.

Manifestation, the law of attraction, mind movies, instant healing, the "bars", incantation, shamanism, and thousands of fraudulent abusive modalities all capitalize on this warped world view to make it all right for you.

But they are lies, frauds, intentionally misleading you. And you are willing. It turns my stomach.

And you bring the same mentality to modalities that work, because how you do anything is how you do everything.
  • Many people buy the Water Energizer, only to not set it up, or not set it up correctly. Too much work...

  • Many people buy the energy remedies, but never use them consciously, or stop when they don"t see instant results.

But if you look at nature, the only things that are instantaneous are destruction... nothing good or desirable is instant.

Seeds take a long time to sprout. Babies are in their mother"s belly, and even after they are born, they need a lot of input, a lot of grief, a lot of money, a lot of everything before they start giving back to you.

Birth is not instant, only death is.

You seem to be in the business of death...

When it comes to your health, your earning power, your relationships, and your fulfillment, You seem to be waiting for death to spare you... because the moment you are not growing you are dying. In every area where you are not growing.
  • Some of you take random actions, and then fizzle out.

  • Some of you were on the right path before, but have given up. And you notice that life is going down and down and down. That you become less and less as your resignation takes over.

  • Some of you hope that having a product, a marriage, a child is all the seed you need to have for a bountiful harvest.

But if we go back to farming, this is not how life works, not even close.

The weeds, the storms, the lack of rain, the pests are all interested in devouring your seeds, plants, before the harvest.

There is a huge cherry tree in the park by my house. The birds eat 99% of the cherries... in a hurry.

In my accountability program people promise four actions every day, and come back to report on getting them done, and more.

One of the secrets is having a chart, a checklist, or seeds you have planted. Unless you add a little bit of energy to every one of them, every day, they will wither away.

And I am talking about big things and little things.

And when I say every day, I mean seven days a week.

Successful people don"t think that on Saturdays and Sundays they should live as if they had no seeds in the ground.

If you do, every Monday you start over... and not much harvest is forthcoming.

If you have a checklist, then you can knock out the tasks in an hour on the weekend. But if you completely break from those, then you are on a slippery slope to death.

I have clients who live that way... and they are not really building anything... every conversation is on the same level... starting.

If you think Mother Nature approves, then you are delusional. Mother Nature doesn"t know about weekends or holidays...

I hear your words as if you were here: But Sophie, I don"t know what I want! I don"t know what seeds to plant!

Let"s agree about one thing:
  • if you are human, you want to make a living that allows you time and opportunity to play, grow, enrich your life.

  • if you are human, you want health that allows you to play, to work, to enjoy life without much pain... and maybe to live long.

  • if you are human, you want relationship that are mutually beneficial, pleasant, allow you to grow, and enjoy life

  • and if you are human, you want to feel that you weren"t born by mistake, that you can and do make a difference

Ultimately, when someone asks you what you want, these four things that need to be there. You can embellish, but it"s not necessary.

Now, most likely, your life, the way you live it now, isn"t in alignment, isn"t consistent, isn"t leading you to what you want in one area of life, or for most people, in any area of life.

You need to start where you are, and add new actions, one at a time.

My recommendation is that you start with your health. Without health you can"t even think straight. So most things that people start without taking care of their health, are dead ends, mistakes, false starts.

The energies, energy remedies are like a cane... the cane helps you go where you are going.

brad-pitt-madonna-cane-gallery__oPtThe energies, energy remedies are like a cane... the cane helps you go where you are going.
  • If you are going to a good place... wonderful.

  • If you are going to a bad place... the cane helped you to get there.

Energy remedies, energy healing, spiritual capacities are support. Supporting you to go where you want to go.

If, in spite of all the energetic support you have received from me, you are still in a bad place, you should look at where you are going.

You cannot blame the cane. You cannot blame it for not taking you where you"d like to be.

1325804987_brad-pitt-cane-467Number one rule of the world is free will. If you want to go to hell... be my guest.

I tell you, I show you, through countless of articles, how to alter where you are going... but you don"t listen.

I am watching people. They get fixated on what they want, and they are going down, fast.

blind-girl-walking-with-caneYou think that if you make yourself wrong then you can become free of what runs you, free to choose a different way of being.

Keep on dreaming. The opposite is true.

Taking responsibility has no room for making yourself wrong, blaming, pointing fingers, neither to yourself, nor to circumstances.

313f396a204c4f461db53c56f5c1bac0Blame stops your power. Keeps you stuck. Prevents you from moving freely. Allows only the same direction you"ve been heading.

Like with everything, any resistance keeps you hostage. Blame, guilt are resistance.
  • You can use your "cane" to find your way... like a blind person. (that is what we call experimenting!)

  • You can use your cane to support you when you are weak.

  • You can use your cane to fight your demons... and go nowhere.

House-09-Hugh-LaurieTake your demons with you. They are just demons.

Here are a few examples:
  • This person emailed me for The Sight capacity, a cane, to help him go from broke, lost, and directionless to something better.I gave him a few questions to answer, so he can access his power. Instead he got hooked in guilt and self-blame.Until he can see that it"s devastating, but he doesn"t have to BE devastated, he will remain stuck, and I won"t turn on any capacities... His vibration spiraled down to 70.

  • This person made a different mistake: he tried to follow the light.A month or so ago I turned on the capacity "faith" for him. He found himself on cloud nine... courage, self-expression became available. Then, like a good systemic person, decided to connect to Source, and make it even better. He promptly lost it, and has spiraled down to a vibration of 130.

And here is my example: I don"t try to go to the divine. I bring divine to everything I do. Scrubbing the sink, taking a shower, sleeping, cooking, talking to you.

To the degree I do, to the same degree I walk on air. At this point I bring the divine to 70% of all I do.

How? I don"t know.

My hunch is that when I am working from the intrinsic level, the vertical plane, that is when I can do anything... even things I don"t normally enjoy to do, like scrubbing the sink, or muscle testing 561 items so I can be certain someone knows what they can eat. Even though it kills my fingers...

bbea27c8ea0c50625f2940c640be2cbdBringing the divine to everything expresses itself in having no resistance, neither in thoughts nor in attitudes.

My muscles may get sore because 561 times I try to pry my fingers open... but they don"t stay sore... because I didn"t resist. Didn"t blame

By the way, if we have had a health session and I didn"t give you a list of what you can eat, you can get it now. Will I give it to you for free? I don"t think so. Why? Because I value my time and my abilities.

If you want it, you can get it for a half-hour of my time (that is how long it takes.)

Or find out what is your health number...

Abilities that are not available until your health number is above 30%

When you are not well, you are in survival mode. You live in scarcity. Everything seems to be about you. And not much can change about your life... given the focus (me-me-me) and therefore the questions you ask.

In scarcity everything is an is, and the questions you ask are from that "is". Everything needs to be fixed, and you can"t very well leave things alone: they are wrong, wrong, wrong. Ugh...

You ask why question. Why is this happening to me? Why are you treating me like this? Why can"t I blah blah blah... get rich, understand, be loved, get well... you know those whiny questions that don"t make a difference, they just make you feel even worse.

"They" teach you that you can change your mindset, that you can easily get out of the scarcity mindset, but they are lying. They ignore that your existence is based on your physical well-being (and vice versa!) and unless you get better, nothing will change.

Your whole being comes from your physiology, mostly from your digestive tract, and thus your eating. Bummer, eh?

When you are well, you can start to ask different questions

  • Questions that widen your cone of vision, allow to see wider than the tiny focus, you see things in your peripheral vision,

  • questions that deepen your field of depth perception, see process, see you several steps ahead.

Questions like:
  • What am I missing here?

  • What else could I/should I be asking?

  • What am I not looking at?

  • What is outside of my survival, business as usual narrow cone of vision?

  • What is the cause? What is the effect?

  • What am I resisting?

  • What am I locked in?

The new questions point in the direction that can create new habits, new ways of seeing, new ways of doing things.

But there is a caveat: Even after people getting healthy or healthier (above 30%), changing habits, even though you can, doesn"t come naturally.

Survival mode is most recognized by the narrow cone of vision. Your vision, what you see the size of a tiny circle illuminated by a penlight... Mostly me-me-me.

Narrow cone of vision is much like looking through a peep hole. What comes through is disjointed, because you cannot see the connections. You also hear the same way.

Because things are not connected, they seem separate, or causal. All delusional... In reality everything is connected to everything else.

So once you can, you will need to start training yourself to look at more than what you have been looking. And to look differently than you have been looking.

If you are in my Reclaim your Life coaching program, I"ll know that you are starting to get there, when you get out from behind your own eye balls, and start to see other people, other people"s needs, points of view, not just your own.

I will see from the fact that you"ll start looking at more than just what is right in front of your nose.

Believe it or not, that is the crucial difference between successful people and people who live life like it is a job.

You can play chess with a narrow cone of vision, being able to see only the next step, or you can play by seeing the whole board, see the strategy and intention of the opponent, see your options...

Playing chess/life that wide angle way needs you to have energy, but having energy doesn"t guarantee that you"ll play/live that way.

So health is the condition of spiritual and personal growth, not the result of it, or not all of it.

I realized that all the things a coach can to do for you are ineffective until you have the energy to spare to look at something that is outside of your narrow cone of vision.

And I realized something really important: everyone is talking abut the power of your word, the power of attitude, being, blah blah blah, and none of those people make any difference.

Now it is obvious why. All those things are secondary to being a physical being who has energy to spare.

I have never spoken to a person who had energy to spare...

When you are in survival mode, the mind controls what you say, and every sentence that comes out of there is a conclusion... A way to close down reality. The way to make it an IS.

Nothing open ended ever comes from the mind.

And open end needs energy... but you need that same energy for survival.

Your teachers, your gurus, your politicians, your scientists are the same way. In survival mode.

When you become someone who comes out of that survival mode, the world is your oyster.

My only regret is that getting you well cannot be scaled up... that your getting well needs me to figure out for you what it is that you need, what it is that you can eat. Because it is individual... based on your DNA, your past eating, your developed health issues.

If I could teach it, or put it on a computer, the future of humanity would be vastly different.

Find out your health number...

In addition to your health number, you"ll get all the relevant numbers that show you how and what way you render yourself and your life to go in the opposite direction than you"d want it to go.

Monday, July 9, 2018

Where are you in self-realization?

Where are you in self-realization? Have you realized all the treasures you were given at birth?

I have been getting lots of critical and ugly emails and comments.

I am contemplating if I should get upset, then I watch Brene Brown"s talk on video, and shrug.

It is not the critic who counts; not the man who points out how the strong man stumbles, or where the doer of deeds could have done them better. The credit belongs to the man who is actually in the arena, whose face is marred by dust and sweat and blood; who strives valiantly; who errs, who comes short again and again, because there is no effort without error and shortcoming; but who does actually strive to do the deeds; who knows great enthusiasms, the great devotions; who spends himself in a worthy cause; who at the best knows in the end the triumph of high achievement, and who at the worst, if he fails, at least fails while daring greatly, so that his place shall never be with those cold and timid souls who neither know victory nor defeat.

Depending on where you are in self-realization, you are going to love and cherish, or be so what about the video...

What is the truth about you? Why aren"t you as intelligent as you were born to be, as rich, famous, appreciated, happy, as you could be given by your inborn characteristics?


Let"s being the inquiry with intelligence.

What intelligence measures is your current, manifestable, measurable, testable abilities... let"s say: all of them. Including your social, emotional, physical, spatial, spiritual intelligences. A comprehensive number. It is, actually telling us what you can do, learn, understand, use, without adding, learning, practicing anything more. Right now.

It"s one number. A number that by itself it doesn"t say much, unless you compare it with your number with the number of others.

This number, surprisingly, will include all the measures I measure in your Starting Point Measurements. Attitudes to life, health, work, knowledge, others, yourself, all I can measure.

We could say that the number says your potential value for yourself, for others, for society.

We can see that the biggest difference between people with the same number is what they do with what they have. Ugh, you say?

Say it again. Ugh.

Most people never do much with what they have. They remain an unfulfilled potential.

Someone with much less going for them initially, have far surpassed you because of their "I am doing it" attitude.

I was a lot like that. Not 100%, 50%.

I was born with less than my older brother. I was sickly, I was sullen, I was abused, I was called stupid, but I had a 50% "I am doing it" attitude, while my brother didn"t.

His IQ was 130, mine was 100. I had holes in my brain, I was dyslexic, I was near sighted, I had blinding headaches, and I was an insomniac, had horrible stomach ache, chronic systemic infections, a hole in my heart... you name it I had it.

  • I studied music, music theory, reading music, singing, playing the violin and classical guitar.

  • I took ballet classes

  • I took tennis classes

  • I climbed trees

  • I joined the swimming team and ran down the steep steps every dawn for practice

  • I joined the gymnastic team

  • I joined the ping-pong team

  • I did guitar and singing gigs

  • I learned English, went and worked as a maid in England to practice with native speakers

  • I learned and performed on stage as a mime, learned to dance on stage

  • I participated and persisted a few rounds in a national talent show

  • I sang in a choir

  • I competed in singing competitions

  • I competed in mathematics

  • I competed in physics

  • and on and on and on

  • I didn"t care if I became the best at it.

  • I didn"t care if it went anywhere

  • I didn"t care if it made any money


I just wanted to be the best I could be.

In the meantime I was anywhere from a straight A to a B student, depending on the year.

At age 16 I realized that talent, smarts weren"t enough, and I learned to learn. Not memorize, god knows, I still cannot... but learn nevertheless.

OK, I am sharing this to illustrate what it took for me to take my intelligence from 100 to to 135, while my older brother went from 130 to 120.

The human body is extremely responsive to challenge, and extremely willing to change, to get better, to be molded into a higher functioning machine.

Most everyone stops challenging themselves once they get married, many never challenged themselves. I have students who report that their MOTHER told them to not stretch themselves, they are OK the way they are. So they didn"t.

I literally only know one person who has been challenging himself, on and off, a few people who aren"t my students. James Altucher does that. Obviously there are more, but I only know him well enough.

Robert and Lance, my one time teachers do some of that, by maintaining an accountability practice, daily.

Some of my students do that, in earnest, most don"t.

Somehow you think that you can be happy and not grow. That you can be happy and stagnate. That you have done your work, now you can rest on your laurels... or your a*s, if you prefer that language.

Your happiness is impossible if your desires and your actions are not in sync. If you desire one thing, but do nothing to bring your results about, if you hope that the universe, people, know that you have already deserved it.

No such thing. You need to deserve what you want DAILY!

Bummer, eh?

Sunday, July 8, 2018

The fallacy of slow is better

First off: what is a fallacy? A fallacy is a belief, a behavior, a theory that is based on a premise, an argument that is mistaken. The low truth value of most science, economic theories, spiritual teachings, or most non-fiction book is because of this: the premise, the foundation, the argument is mistaken. The fact that someone got a Nobel Prize only shows that this is hidden from plain view.

This article will deal with one unsound argument, one premise that is false but invisible.

When T. Harv Eker said: when something is not working, there is something you don"t know... The "something you don"t know" is always from the invisible. ALWAYS. And more often than not, it is a premise, undebated, unconscious, taken for a fact.

So, here you go: the title says it all: it is believed that slow is good. That slow is "mindful".

You may think that the way to get to perfection is through slow.

You may think that the way to get present, out of the mind, really experiencing the world through your senses needs to be a time consuming, meditative, slow-mo activity.

You do things really slowly, and in between, or in your mind, you want to get through it: you are in hurry mode.

I used to buy cars that were habitually slow... and then I spent a few months making them fast again. The nature of the car is a certain speed, definitely not slow. Slow driving an naturally fast car kills it.

I just went for a walk to ponder this fast-slow conundrum, and found that i want to slow down because my legs hurt, especially my injured left leg. But I also found that it hurts equally when I walk fast. So I walked fast. Hm. WTF.

Doing things slowly is actually forceful. Actually violent. Actually against nature.

Unless you train yourself to be precise, observant, AND fast, you"ll never amount to much.

Training is difficult to explain. Why? Because if you bring your world view that only slow is precise, or you are slow, you will think fast is hurry. Sloppy. Superficial. Imprecise. Shabby.

But slow can be shabby, imprecise, superficial, sloppy.

In fact, when it comes to natural things like snapping to attention, walking, dancing, reading, listening, the faster you do it, the more precise you become.

Slow allows you to be in your mind, and wander, and never be really present, never be really in reality, never get anything done.

Of course, fast needs to be built up to. It takes conscious, deliberate practice.

You watch where you are slow, tentative, and you build a "routine" around it.

One of my previous occupations was magazine publishing. Creating it on the computer... and then the magazine was printed.

I went through a lot of employees. They were slow, and didn"t improve.

I am fast. Not because I am smarter, but because of deliberate practice. Conscious practice. Improving every single time I do the task. Really? Yes, really.

I push the envelope. There is no other way to live and call yourself an expanding person.

In fact, you can safely call yourself a shrinking person... you probably are.

One of my students, who was trapped in "slow is the only way" or "I am slow" is now going to train himself to become fast, or at the minimum: normal.

I recommended that he starts with reading. Increasing the uptake speed, while increasing the retention.

Retention means: he will be able to use and benefit from a larger percentage of a book than he now is.

Slow artificially segments the intake... the coherence, the connection, the logic, the theme gets lost... the fabric of the content is separated into single threads: the fabric disappears.

No rhyme, no reason, no benefit.

The way to read effectively is to emphasize the mechanics, and trust the brain to get what it gets.

I compare it to taking a shower. You make sure you turn this way and that to get when everywhere, underarm, etc. You don"t follow every water drop and get busy with that: you trust... OK, I trust. But you can learn to trust.

Most everything you ever wanted depends on your speed. Speed without hurry. Speed and presence. Speed and getting faster.

Minding the mechanics.

I have seen people eat. Someone must have suggested that they eat slowly. So their jaws move really slowly, and it takes them an hour to eat a bowl of whatever.

I can feel their minds struggling with being present. Slow is antithetical, (directly opposed or contrasted; mutually incompatible.) to presence. The mind wanders.

The real "rule" of eating is: check thoroughly and be present to the taste, the texture, and how it fulfills your need for nutrition. FAST, but chewed.

Most people are either slow and mindless, or fast and mindless. The chewing is not conscious. The fast and mindless overeat. And has indigestion because of the unchewed food or the overeating.

Same with sex...

Same with work...

Same with everything.

You never learn to think, for example, you never learn to see everything consciously or unconsciously, so you can make good decisions. So, when offered a choice, an opportunity, you can"t think, and make rash decisions, just to be over the discomfort of "I have no idea!"

You can"t practice everything. You need to start at some place... and learn how to make that one thing faster and better.

I like reading...

You should take on listening better next. That was a little weak for me, so I have been practicing it diligently. Not easy... the mind, the attention, the faster world does everything to take you out of listening... But I am getting better.

I have also been practicing methods of getting better at Freecell... a computer card game, and I have found that if somebody watched me play, they would think I am a magician. I see faster, wider, deeper and solve, with ease, the most impossible looking "puzzles"...

I have taken playing Freecell to unconscious competence.

But if you never increase your speed, your unconscious competence will never come.

And Life is fast... and you are left behind. Clueless.

You won"t make things happen, you won"t really observe because you didn"t learn to see, and you"ll be that 99% who asks: what the hell happened?