Thursday, October 18, 2018

The predatory genes

predatory genesA lot of things will get clearer with this new distinction... even though I have only a cursory sense of what I am talking about. But Source does, so some of the muscle test will leave you with your mouth hanging open. Guaranteed.

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Wednesday, October 17, 2018

Why is Tai Lopez not a billionaire if he has all this knowledge?

This is a continuation of the previous audio: how patterns, distinctions, principles influence your view and therefore your life, with special emphasis on finances.

Why is Tai Lopez not a billionaire if he has all this knowledge?

This is a continuation of the previous audio: how patterns, distinctions, principles influence your view and therefore your life, with special emphasis on finances.

Why is your vibration so low... and what you can do change it?

This is a really long talk, and I probably should charge money for it... And maybe I will.

One of the justifications I have for giving it all away is that very few people are able to value what I say, for reason of everything I say comes from what is invisible to you... even though you COULD see it, but for that you have to interact with it long enough... which a low TLB person won"t.

The more you speak the lower your vibration...

TLB is really your pain tolerance... how much pain you are willing to experience for what you desire, for what you want.

You desire much, but your desire is to get it from an imaginary fairy godmother without earning it. Earning takes work, and work is painful. If it is not painful it is not work.

You can call it discovery, you can call it adventure, you can call it divine service, it doesn"t change the fact that it is painful and you need higher TLB than 1 to be willing to do it.

The more comfortable your life, the less likely you"ll raise your TLB. The more you follow your sexual cravings, food cravings, cravings for distraction, talking, reducing tension, the less likely you"ll be able to raise your TLB.

I started raising my TLB with curbing my sexual desire. Not acting on fear of the unkonwn, the uncomfortable followed. It was instinctive. I had no guidance... because unless TLB is distinguished, it is invisible.

I have students whose vibration drops whenever they are around low vibration people. Low vibration, more often than not, is coupled with pleasure seeking, comfort seeing low TLB... too much talk, too much food, too much entertainment, no discipline.

One could say that disciplined is the opposite of low TLB. Painful... eh?

Tuesday, October 16, 2018

Immersion, find what"s been limiting you

What has kept me proudly poor all these decades...

Will let you know what I"ll do about it...

Immersion, the key to expanding your circle of competence

If learning is a dirty word for you, immersion will be your most favorite word!

You"ll learn the vocabulary of new worlds effortlessly

Holographic reading: the secret of billionaires...

Holographic learning: the only way to human being level

I am reading a book I don"t like. I was told by Source to read it... and I think I found the one sentence (so far) in the 700 page book that I needed to read. One sentence...

Reading, when it creates a world, a rich world to live in, to accomplish in, is holographic. Each book sharpens some area, fills in the missing or fuzzy details.

This one sentence has been that kind of a sentence. It was like a Flash of lightening.

The sentence was, I am paraphrasing, "I asked Tristan was she happy. and he said, not especially, but he thinks this is due to she is Hungarian and they are not a merry race. And he has a point..." ((The book is Neal Stephenson"s in name... The Rise and fall of DODO, don"t read it.))


Like a flashlight, my consciousness is now looking for signs/patterns of mood... disposition: merry, gloomy, angry, something I have never considered, never really noticed... as if it didn"t exist.

Suddenly I am noticing. And you know what? It is significant.


I binged on a Russian series over the weekend. This guy loves two women. One is a great match for him, the other...

Our guy is a happy person ready for fun... lives like fun. The other woman is gloomy. A perfect match with the gloomy other guy who loves her.


I probably lean towards gloomy. But have a capacity for fun. Rowdy fun. Like dancing and joking.

I am going to add vocabulary words to add more color, more shades, more details into my hologram. I am excited. Wow.

Something happened, something opened up for me, because this, mood, disposition is not the only area where I am starting to see more details.

It"s as if someone had raised the level of lighting... opened the shutters...


Let"s not jinx it... lol.

Until you have an interconnected, holographic picture of reality that is largely (30%) truthful, all your learning will be unlearning. Correcting. Exchanging myth for truth.

30% is a lot. The best books have 10% truth value or under. The books written by known and renown scientists...

And these books also are fragmented: their authors don"t have that interconnected, holographic picture of reality.

They are like one of my clients who has a tendency to focus in on one thing, and dig. Deep. He is in business, and his mistakes are business mistakes. But the mistakes could be in any area of life.

The skill is to alternate among three modes of looking:

  • looking at the big picture where you can see proportions, contexts. These is seeing the forest.

  • The second way to look is to see the timeline. See the process. To see where things are going. In time.

  • And the third say to look is the shortest amount of time, the thing you are working on. The project.

For example: I was eating New Zealand lamb for a few months. Now my supply has dried up [note] won"t deliver fresh groceries to Syracuse NY, darn![/note] and I am forced to eat American Lamb. Since last Wednesday (it is Monday only! Five days![/note] has already killed my gut flora... my probiotics are needed again.

Why? Because American farms, American supermarkets, "generously" feed homegrown lamb with antibiotics, because: guess, they feed them grains which makes them sick... and makes me sick. The label says: organic, grass fed, but it is a lie. Every label in American supermarkets is a lie. Every single one of them.

But without me looking all those three ways at what is happening, without having enough truth and enough details in my holographic picture of food manufacturing in the world and especially in the United States of "let"s make people sick" I would not have checked if I needed probiotics, and would get really sick... fast, and would not know what hit me.

Here is another example: I am watching this TED talk video ((

)) on converting desert sand into soil... soil meaning: stuff grows in it. Attempts of turning the deserts of the planet into greed have been around but of all the methods this feels the most effective and most cost-effective.

But the powers that be are not interested.

Scarcity serves their purpose: keeping humanity in victim mode, effect mode, not even thinking of self-determination.

And here is a holographic shift of focus: I go from looking at the planet, that is getting uncomfortably warmer. Now I look at you: your cells are drying out. Your inner "terrain" is getting less and less fertile. You are able to thrive less and less... You live in scarcity, your attention is on yourself, and you have scarcely any attention left to get something done.

Do you see the connection? The same picture, from two different vantage points.

If we add the third, temporality, time, we see that the ones that are not narrowed into their own little limited perspective because they have their cells hydrated, are going to move onto the next century, the next evolutionary phase of humanity.

This is what I am talking about.

If you want to know where you are standing, the 16 different measures of the Starting Point Measurements will set you on the map... where you are and which way you need to go, if you want to become part of the next evolutionary phase of humanity.

And here is an insight from the Russian Netflix series, worth for you to have read this article: when you don"t live like your life is in danger, when you don"t live in scarcity, which is actually an attitude, then you can bring creativity, joy, inventiveness to life.

When you can say: it"s all in a day"s work, and don"t even have to say "honest work", and you can bring caring to your work, it is heaven on earth. I mean it.

But as long as you live in scarcity, as long as you have to look at everything through yourself... your life is hell. Hell on earth. Same exact circumstances... nothing else changed. Just your experience and therefore your actions.

In one paradigm you want to make as much as possible with as little work as possible, in the other, where work is part of life and not a negation of life, you are joyfully investing as much as you got... for who wouldn"t?

I have observed that stingy students, stingy clients, all suffer from the effects of stinginess. Because that is how it is.

One way stinginess shows up is in your integrity measure... in your empowering or disempowering context, and also in your actions... But ultimately there is only one loser: you.

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